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My Cat keeps crying.

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My five year old female has not quite been herself lately. She sleeps a lot more than usual. She just seems depressed the last few days. The thing that is troubling me is we keep hearing her crying. It sounds like she is in pain or somthing but then when I approach her she seems fine. Its not all the time. Its just every so often. She is eating and drinking. Does she just want attention? Should I take her to the vet tomorrow? Could it be constipation or somthing? She is not in the box when it happens. I am so worried about her. Any feed back would be appreciated. She is a meower but I never heard her cry like that, except when she was in pain. So I don't think she wants attention. I could be wrong. Thanks

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Is she neutered?  Either way a vet visit might be in order if only to ease your mind.

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Yes, to me this sounds exactly like a female in heat. If she hasn't been spayed, I would get it done and the crying should definitely stop. smile.gif
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She is spayed. I had her for four years. She's never done this before. Im worried. She's been fine all day. I hope she just wanted some attention. I wory about cancer and other health issues. I wouldnt have the money to help her if she got that sick. I think I may consider some kind of insurance. Basically she just hasnt been herself lately plus the crying on several occasions is making me worried. She is extra lazy and sleepy. I know my cat and somthing is going on with her. I just hope its nothing serious. I will continue to monitor her and if there arent any changes I will take her to the vet. Thanks guys

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Be very careful about insurance.  It won't cover pre-existing conditions, and some are quite limited in what cover they do provide.

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She is eating and drinking. She hasn't gone to the bathroom yet. We have the two cats separated right now. I called the vet and they told me to make sure she is going to the bathroom so she should be using the litter box. If she doesnt go by the morning I will take her to the vet. I will call out of work if I have to. I'm so worried.

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