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I have always loved cats...I am to this day, a little nervous around dogs...mostly around dogs that I do not know...I have no clue on if they would bite or attack, or anything, and I know they can sense it from me....I just prefer to stick with cats..
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cat? And you said 15 was final!! Must be nice to have such an accomodating hubby. I am SO jealous!! I can't even get TWO to get along without major problems and you have sixteen!! The new one is very cute by the way.
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Our first cat Josephine came into my life when I was 5. She had a litter of 2 kittens (Blackie and Little Joe) before she disappeared one day (this was the dark-age days before neutering when you let you cats wander the neighborhoods). After Little Joe choked to death on a chicken bone (I was about 7 when I found his body), my dad (the cat hater) got fed up with cats and took Blackie to the pound. As we drove there, I cried the whole way, and vowed that I would never, ever let that happen to another animal as long as I lived. These 2 incidents gave me my lifelong vow to love and protect any pet until their natural death.

I'm also just a sucker for a furry face.
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I remember Bartles and Buffy - we had Buffy since I was about 3 until I was about 18, she was a ornery one, but I loved her nevertheless...we had to put her to sleep when she had kidney disease and nose cancer.

Bartles was a sweet grey tabby who slept on my bed and I loved him for that. I don't know what happened to him, he disappeared one day
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We never had cats or other pets when we were kids until around the time I left home and my youngest sister, (of three) got one after years of asking. I never hated cats. In fact, I've always been fascinated by them, but I could never let myself love them. I think deep down it had something to do with not thinking I was loveable and the way that you look so vulnerable when paying attention to them. I thought it was kind of wimpy.

That began to change a few years ago about the time I met the love of my life. She was the most beautiful and graceful woman I had ever seen. I met her taking dance lessons. The idea came into my head that I should learn to do something that women like in case I ever had a girlfriend or wife who wanted to. When I was younger I was one of the jerks who would never dance. I just didn't want to be like that forever. THAT... is wimpy.

Anyway, the more I fell in love with this princess, the more I was willing to let myself love cats. She didn't have one anymore because her cat passed away, but when I visited my parents, (my sister still lived there at the time) I payed more attention to her cat and she grew to be my favourite part of the visit.

What really put me over though was a phone call between my girlfriend and me about two years ago. I had just put some crushed rock down under the back porch stairs and the side of my house. It was to prevent weeds and make it look a bit nicer. It wasn't the coarse aggregate that I ordered, but I couldn't take it back. It had the same consistency as cat litter and the very next day I found out that some damn cat had cat used the crushed rock as a pooping ground. I was so mad! I didn't like cleaning cat poop in my yard! Then, as sweet as she always was, my girlfriend explained why the cat did it saying things like, "Oh she thought it was for her... mmmmm it's so nice and soft... and it's in my favourite spot too..." etc.

After that I could never feel mad at another living cat again and it made me fall for her even more. She was like a cat in many ways. She was gentle and graceful with a rythym like no other woman I had met before. I was head over heels. She was classy, sophisticated and the only thing softer than her voice was the touch of her skin. Unfortunately, she's not in my life anymore. She went back to an abusive relationship, but my love for cats can never be taken away from me.
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