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Taffy's Kids

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:flash: THEY'RE HERE Taffy's babies have arrived. Oh, let me tell you about Taffy first. She was a throw-away. A cousin of my brother-in-law wanted to give us two cats and since we had already so many(14) we just didn't feel that we could take another. Well the next day, Taffy was there. As soon as she saw me, she came rushing over to me and jumped up into my arms. She knew me from times we had been at this family's home. So what do you do but come to the assistance of the poor baby. She came into our home after being checked by the vet. Every thing was fine except she was already pregnant. We counted the days and counted them again. Today was the day. The first one arrived at 7 am 9/4/2003. The next one was at 7:15. Taffy needed help with both of them. At 8 am number 3 came. We thought she was finished so we let her rest as she needed help with all three of her babies. We called the vet and let them know the kids had arrived. "Great-Grandma" came in and checked them at about 11:30 am. At 12:30, I heard the kittens and was concerned that Taffy might not feel well enough to care for the babies without some help. When I looked in on her, she had 2 more tails laying there. They all seemed to be nursing. Then it happened, scratching of little toes on the cardboard lining the nursery. I jumped up and she had put one kitten out of the bed. Panic call to the vet, and purchase of a nuser kit. I'm now doing 'mommy' duties for my newest grandkiddo. In fact, my Love is on my chest right over my heart sleeping away. I'm NOT losing any of my grandkiddos. This is not an option.
BTW, we're at 20. Taffy did have five.
Everyone that would offer a prayer for Love will be appreciated. S/He is going to need the extra help of the prayers. I have to go to the city on the 11th so s/he will be going with me. I am going to make a pouch so Love can travel in style right over my heart all the way. We are greatful all the children were born alive and healthy. Cynthia
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Congratulations, Cynthia, and sending be-healthy-and-strong vines to Taffy and all her kittens!!!!

Please post pictures when you can! What do the babies look like? Baby kittens are so wonderful!!!!
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My congrats to the kittens , yes we like pictures Be sure I will be praying
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Congrats on the new additions! I'll be keeping little Love in my thoughts for her to grow big and strong.

I'm going to move this to the Lounge.
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Pic's will posted in the next couple of days. I now have a digital so it will be easy to post them.
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I've tried and tried but can't get the pic's to upload. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I ask that you visit the page http://www.geocities.com/princecharmingandcocoa/ to see both Tafi & the kids. I'm just new to this digital camera thing and still not very good with it. It will improve (hopefully) with practice. Cynthia
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Cynthia, what a story!

Tafi is a sweet girl and her babies are precious!!!
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kittens, kittens!
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google ads selling taffy candy! LOL!

What a sweetie pie!!! Love those cute little babies also!!!
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
google ads selling taffy candy! LOL!

lmao you freak

omg how CUTE!! They are all black that is just so cute!
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now that was some story, i felt so sorry for her, i guess just knowing that this really happens to little furbabies and they are not so lucky, they are left off in a strange place and no one around, at least he brought her to you, i guess when you have 14 whats a few more? those kittens are so sweet, and Taffy is also, i sure will say a prayer for love to get strong and well and a prayer for you also, take good care and good luck
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Tafi's a great mom!!! I'm glad that she's finally got a home...
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