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cranky maine coon

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hi i have a two year old female maine coon who is the crankiest cat i have ever met. she growls and bites everyone who picks her up, and yet when she wants she can be super affectionate. she will come sit on my lap and purr and get pets and she will even headbutt me if i don't pay enough attention to her. i am at a loss as to why she should be so cranky all the rest of the time. please help.
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I would say, if she is affectionate when she wants to be, then don't try to pick her up. Some cats don't like that. And some cats don't like "strangers". Take your cue from her, and just go along with what she wants, as long as it doesn't conflict with your own household. (for example, cats do have to be trained to keep off counters, or not scratch furniture etc.) But if she just doesn't like being picked up, stop doing that.
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Zoey hates to be picked up too. She meows uncomfortably and sometimes does that low growling.. and will even swat my face and bite my nose! So.. I avoid picking her up unless its absolutely necessary.
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Picking some cats up make them feel uncomfortable and "trapped" and they will lash out. I have a beautiful DLH outside, and as long as she is on the ground, Whisp is the nicest cat. The minute I pick her up, she gets all tense and scratches and hisses. I do keep trying, but what I do, is pick her up, hold her just 3 seconds off the ground (barely inches) and release her. Then I give her a treat. I don't plan on making her a love bug lap kitty, I am to realistic and i know that will never happen, but if she is ever injured or sick, I will need to pick her up. Once I am able to pick her up, I won't unless it is an absolute emergency.
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Wow hissy, an animal communicator I spoke with about Zoey told me to do the same thing.. pick her up for a couple seconds, just barely off the ground, then put her down. Repeat this every so often.. for longer lengths of time.. etc.

Sometimes its also the WAY I pick her up. If I pick her up quickly from behind and fling her up over one shoulder, she tolerates it way more than if I say pick her up and craddle her like a baby. She absolutely hates that!
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Abby didnt really like being picked up when I first got her, but shes gotten better. The only tip Ive picked up from her is that Ive turned the tables a bit. Instead of before, her "telling" me when she wanted down, I do it first. Each time just a tad longer than the last but always before I anticipated her squirming and possibly scratching. Its helped. So she never gets a chance to get mad at me, I always let her down right before and lengthen it each day a little. I can hold her for about 5 minutes now without a problem.
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thank you for the input, i just thought maybe something was wrong with her. all my other babies love being held. i will just let princess be a princess then. thanks again.
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You'd be surprised, but most cats don't like being held as it's depending/trusting too much of the holder. Most cats like laps or tummies, etc... it's safer for them as they can always flee. If you're holding them, as someone said, you're kinda caging the cat. Now, my cat doesn't mind getting held over the shoulder (hates being cradled), but he's been raised by humans most of his life and is a baby for the most part. I've had other cats that only tolerated being held, and have seen others that literally refused. I'd just be sure you could pick them up if you really need to (emergency), otherwise there's really no need as 99% of the time a cat wants attention they TELL you they want it. :p
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I'd get her checked out just in case anything is bothering her. Good luck!
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It is best to remember that your cat owns YOU, not vice versa.

Most of my current cats, as well as former cats, liked being on laps or being scratched while laying beside me, but I've only had one (the little black one in my signature) who didn't mind being held. I can literally hang him over my arm while my elbow is bent and he will just stay there as long as he's pressed against my body. He's always loved humans more than most cats. Perhaps he thinks he is one (instead of thinking he is better, like the rest of them!)
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Our Bk is part Coon Cat and hates to be picked up. He will make a funny grawling noise down in his throat and bite then we put him down. If anyone comes to the house, he will greet them and wants to be petted but not picked up. He will walk by you and want you to pet him but not for very long,he will bite. Bk hardly ever gets in your lap, it is rare if he does. One day I was home with a bad headache and was sitting in a chair and he came and sat in my lap and went to sleep . I was so shocked I just enjoyed the moment.
We also have 2 kittens that are 5 months old, brother and sister. Nemo the boy meows for you to pick him up and loves to be held. Scamper the girl,like her name scampers around and does not like to be held or petted.
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sounds exactly like my princess. thank you all.
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My cat, Thumper, is part Maine Coon and to say she is cranky isn't the half of it. She is down right mean. She bullies all of the cats, they are terrified of her. With us, she is usually okay. But when she gets in a certain mood (which we can tell by looking at her eyes) then we have to watch out. She will attack. She can get you in this lock (we call it the Thumpie Lock) that it is impossible to get out of. Sometimes, though, she can be really sweet. Although, it doesn't happen enough for me.
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