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introducing myself

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Hi everybody I came by to tell you who I am. my name is Kathy. my husband and i are the proud owners or should I say Clarise is the proud owner of us. at any rate we adopted Clarise from a groomer who takes in abused and abanded kittys and finds homes for them. Clarise is an orange and white short hair with green eyes. we live in New orleans and look forward to being with all of you on the forums. and like I mentioned in a previously I do believe there is a place called Rainbow Bridge. Hoping to be with all of you soon
Kathy and Clarise
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Would love to see the pics of your kitty.......
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Welcome to the forums Kathy! I hope you'll stick around and post post post!
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Welcome Kathy!! I also have a kitten who is orange & white.

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Kathy....Welcome!!! Glad you have found us!!! Your cat sounds like the coloring of my Peaches...(god rest her soul) I hope you enjoy it here, and make yourself at home with us!
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