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Devon Rex Info?

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Hi- Sam here, Just wondering if anyone on the site OWNS or BREEDS Devon Rex??

I might be getting one for my Birthday Next year( only 3 or 4 breeders of them here in NZ) and I was wondering if someone had a link to a site with good information or pictures??

Thanks In Advance, I love devons they are just too cute.

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Oooh another question, do they get on with persians????? or would they?

Thanks, Sorry to be a hassle
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I was looking at Devon Rex's also. Here's 2 good sites:


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Hi Kass- Thanks for the links- I'm browsing them now and they look really good! The Planet Devon one has forums as well I'm definitly going to go and check them out! Looks like heaps of good info as well.. Awww Thanks again

BTW I'm not interested in breeding them with my persians or anything..lol, just make a lovely lap-cat!

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*bump* anyone here own or breed??
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Hey Sam, since you're interested in a pure breed cat, I moved your thread to the breeders forum, where someone with info on this breed might see it.
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Sam, I don't have a devon, but I do own a cornish... AWESOME kats!!!!!
Very high energy and very loving, I would think that they would get along with a persian without problems.

And NO you're not being a hassle!.
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Thanks Colby!

Oh Thanks for that Ken- We have heaps of Cornish breeders here in Wellington , I'm sure they are alot the same

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I also have a Cornish Rex , I love them very much . They just cost to much . My friend Goldie has a Devon Rex , she like them more then Cornish . They are very sweet and like to follow you around and are very curious cats .
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My friend breeds Devons, they're great cats. Very hyper & into everything. I wanted one until I had my daughter recently, now I feel too tired to cope with a Devon. I'd highly recommend the breed though.

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Yeah! I breed Devon Rex! I live in Sweden.

Wonderful cats. Curious, energenic, cosy, impulsive, social, playful and soooo cute are words that describes the breed well
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