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Dixie Won't Eat

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Dixie weighs only eight pounds--she's really skinny! She was eating her food just fine (a dry mix of Rx diet and Iams) until I went away for Labor Day weekend, and left her and Goldmine with my sister. When we all came home, Dixie just wouldn't eat. I've tried feeding her:

Her regular dry-mix food
Chicken baby food
Little tiny pieces of cold chicken

She didn't like the baby food at all, but she tasted everything else when I hand-fed it to her. She still just won't eat on her own. I figure it's stress of my being absent plus all the medical problems she's been having since I brought her home from the shelter two-and-a-half months ago. What do you think?
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I'm going to move this to the Health & Nutrition Forum where our experts are sure to see it.
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I think she needs a vet visit to be sure she isn't sick again. Change can stress a cat and stress can cause them to become sick. I also wouldn't give her any milk, unless it is catsip.
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Any update on Dixie? Has she gotten to the vet?
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