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I may have found........

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A lady from the vet's office where I put up a flyer called me today. She is single, a vet tech, and looking for a male kitten to spoil rotten. She is coming by at 6 to see him. She fell in love with his picture and is pretty siure she wants him. The pic doesn't begin to show how cute he is.
I had several calls about him, but no one I could have possibly given him to. I think at least 1 of them is a beginner hoarder. She said she has 5 cats, and will take any one she can get. They stay in most of the time. I drove past her house, a ratty duplex about 5 feet from a busy road. I don't mean to put down anyone's home, I have lived in worse, but the outside, so close to the road, and taking any cats she can get bothered me a lot. My s/o said we would keep him before he would go there. Wish us luck for this lady to be as nice as she sounds!
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That's great news! Please keep us updated on Baby!
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That would be wonderful! A vet tech to boot. Baby would be very well taken care of. I hope this works out for you and for Baby.
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That is wonderful news! Let us know how it goes!
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Oh That's Great! - Keep us posted!

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What wonderful news!!!!!

When adopting out the kitty:

1) DO NOT BE ASHAMED TO INSIST ON A HOME VISIT FIRST. A vet tech sounds wonderful, but you never know. We learned the hard way. Please use our horrible experience with Spooky and Julius and don't let it happen to your little kitty!

2) PLEASE USE AN ADOPTION AGREEMENT. Anyone who is serious about the kitty will NOT mind. Gary and I created one - it's up on the Save Samoa site. Here's a link to the page: http://www.savesamoa.org/html/rescue.html

It's available in Word format so you can make any changes to it you want to.

Basically it insists that the cat be spayed or neutered, that it never be maltreated, that it never be declawed, that it be an inside-only cat, and that the person either owns the home or the lease allows for pets - and then, if things don't work out for any reason, you have the "right of first refusal" to take the cat back or find it a new home.

We're actually making changes to the agreement we want to use. We're going to add that the cat/kitten be taken to a vet three months after adoption, and that a vet report be sent to us to confirm that the cat is cared for properly and in good health.

We are also going to insist on weekly updates for the first month, then monthly updates until the vet report.

We are also going to insist on an annual visit, and that we get that report.

Then we are assured that the cat is in good hands, both short term and long term.

We figure anyone who has a problem with any of these things has no business adopting one of our cats.
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hey that is the greatest news ive heard all day, i hope it works out for you and baby, i think that is a very smart thing for you to do is check out who is going to take a kitty, i have placed a few kitties and 1 dog and i was picky who they went to, i ask alot of questions and i have told a few people that i would have to think about it, and then called themback to say im sorry there not avaible, i usally tell them i have to bring the animal to them that way i can see for my self and if i would ever change my mind last min. i would, so i think thats being smart
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She came by this afternoon as promised. I asked her a few questions, and she volunteered a lot of information. She does not believe in outdoor cats, will be taking him in for his first check-up tomorrow. He will be neutered as soon as the vet can do it safely. I know the building she lives in, and it is pet friendly. This particular vet will not even do a declaw procedure, except for medical reasons, such as accident or birth defect, and it is posted right in his office. Everyone I work with uses this vet, because they need animals tattooed occasionally, and one of the artists trades out vet services for his services. He has been very pleased with the care his "kids" get there. The office is right around the corner from my house, and I buy cat food there, so I know a little more about them than I usually would someone off the street. I spoke to the vet, and he said she had been looking for the right kitten for her for months. I can drop in to visit her at home any time, and can take kitty back on demand if I think she has not lived up to her end of the deal, and the vet has an adoption contract that we signed. She even brought it with her. I think he has gotten lucky, and gotten a good furrever home. We hated to see the little guy go, but we have as many as we can deal with. I know that number varies from person to person, but we don't want them to become just little mouths to feed, and not the pets and companions that they were meant to be.
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Well, it sounds wonderful! I'm so glad for the little guy!!!!!

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WOW , that is awsome that the little guy got a furr ever home
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now that sounds like a very good home im glad for the little guy.
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I am soooooo glad for the precious darling!
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