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Sorry its taken so long to update ! Well, Pauie went back to the
vet on Monday for the more accurate diagnostic test.

Over the weekend he seemed to perk up a little. On Monday he was
so much better, and his coat was beginning to get some kind of texture back. It really raised my spirits. Then I had to put
him in the carrier. It was like a black cloud sat down on top of him. By the time we got to the surgery he didn't even lift his head
to look at me. I opened the carrier to stroke him, and his head was like a brick. It was awful. As I left him with the nurse he gave me such a peircing look, I actually thought out loud and said
" please forgive me ! ".

When I got home ( I'm now on late shift at work so don't get in till 9pm - but the others are home ), I could not believe my eyes. He looked at Deaths Door. Mum told me that the vet had said he was so stressed that they sedated him ! In his time in the surgery he lost another 1/2 Kilo. He only went in for another blood test. His condition is now critical. What did I do to him !????! His eyes were all dull, his coat messy and he sat with his mouth hanging open. He could barely stand, and was clearly miserable and depressed. I really thought that we would lose him last night, he looked so bad. I even said my goodbyes.

That was yesterday. Today, he is brighter again. He eats a little when you sit with him, and only from a saucer, not his dish, and only on the table with you inches away. I went to work at 12pm today and told my Dad you MUST feed him every two hours or so.
When I asked Dad if he had fed him, when I got in, he said he hadn't. Pauie sleeps till 4pm-ish and then comes down for a cuddle ! I have told Dad again and again, wake the cat, feed him then put him back to bed. He needs the weight, but Dad just doesn't get it ! It makes me so mad...and I don't get on with Dad at the best of times ! If he doesn't put the time aside, we will lose Pauie, and even though he loves Pauie to bits, and I've explained the needs to him, he just doesn't help out. I can't tell you how much I resent my father at the moment...if I have to give up work for now, I will - it looks like I may have to if Dad doesn't get it in gear ! Mum is working 4 days this week and my brother works nights so it is really down to my dad from 12pm - 6pm. AAAARRRGGGHHHHHHHH !!!

Anyway, today, Pauie ate a whole can of Tuna in Spring water, and hasn't vomited yet, but has had diarreoha. He has purred continously, and been fairly chatty, so my mood is bouyant even though I am mentally and emotionally shattered.

We hear on Friday ( if we are lucky ) about how bad things are for
this FIP thing, if at all he has it...keep your fingers crossed fo us...we still have a long way to go.

Many thousands of thanks from all of us and from Pauie

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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sonia you can try 100% pumpkin mixed in with the tuna to clear up the runny stool...
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Is there any way the vet will do a house call, or refer you to a vet that will? If taking your sweet boy to the vet stressed him that much, it would probably be worthwhile to try to find a vet that will do a housecall & come to you, if at all possible. You could just take him to a specific room in the house to have him looked at (just not his favorite rooms, so he won't feel his sanctuary has been invaded).

we're still sending prayers for Pau Sau to get well
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The results are back from the blood test. They are NEGATIVE !!!
Half of me is delighted and the other half is now so upset. We re back to square one.

Pauie is still critically sick. The vet is doing a Liver biopsy on
Friday. We need answers and fast. Pauie needs to go in on Friday
and stay there all day. He will hate that so much but we have no option. As it turned out, my vet stayed with him as much as possible when he had the sedation, and tried to comfort him. We all wish Pauie didn't have to go through this, but everything keeps coming back nearly clear, but he just keeps getting worse and worse every day.

He had such a runny tummy today after the Tuna he ravished.
Thanks for the Pumpkin suggestion - unfortunately its not available
right now, for another few weeks, in the UK.

Well, thats it for now. We have the next day to get as much food inside him as possible, and say our goodbyes...just in case.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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My prayers are going up righjt now for your cat! I'm glad the results were negative and hope they find out what is really wrong!!!! **HUGS**
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Oh I'm so sorry.. I just read all the recent updates and it just makes me so sad I hope they can find out what's wrong soon... I cant imagine how frustrating it must be. Your dad sounds a lot like my dad. He loves the cat at my parents house but he will not do anything to help her when she needs it

*sending more get well vibes to pauie*
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oh Sonia , this is so awfull and my heart is going out to you . My prayers are with you and your cat
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I'm so sorry that your poor baby is still not out of the woods.

Can you find a neighbor or friend who might opt to stop by and help stimulate/feed him since your father is not reliable?

Can the vet give you something like valium to sedate Pauie at home before you bring him to the vets again?

I wish that animal medicine was not so complex!
I will never have all the answers about George. . . why he had to die. It's so hard.

My prayers are with you and Pauie.

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Sonia, I just got to read this now, and I'm so sorry that Pauie is feeling so badly. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts. I hope they can find out what's causing him problems... poor little guy.
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I feel so bad for you and your kitty.

I wish I had some words to bring you comfort.

We are here for you.
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How is Pauie doing? I hope everything is okay.
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