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Swollen Lip

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I will be taking BK to the Vet in the morning. Reason being his bottom lip looks like he has a blister and swollen.
I wanted to ask if anyone else's cat has had this problem.
Also, here is what BK has been doing. We have two kittens and they are 5 months old. BK thinks he is their mother (not related and BK is neutered). What he does is, he cleans them all over. He licks their bottoms, stomach, head, face etc.
I was thinking he might have a bacterial infection from cleaning these kittens, that are too big to be cleaned.

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It could be any number of things, a vet call is a wise choice.
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A vet trip is good , it can be all kind os things . It may is a bite from a bug , ants bite too , or spiders . But for sure I would take him to the vet with that .
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My cat (Molly) has this problem from time to time. She just had her 11 year check up last week and was just getting over one of these so I asked the vet about it. I forgot what it's called (a rather long word) but was told that it's nothing to worry about. and that lots of cats get them . . that stress can bring them on. She's had these before. . . . I always thought she had a fat lip. . .

It looks painful. . . but she still eats & grooms herself when she gets them.

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We are back from the vet. Bk has an ulsur (sp) due to allergies and hormonal. He said they call it a rodent ulsur only because it looks like a rodents lip. After he said that it does
Also he said sometimes they burst and get really bad and sometimes they just swell up and look bad. So BK got a shot of Depo-medrol 20mg.
Always good to get your babies checked out
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I am happy you went to the vet , now you know . Hope your cat will be ok and wont get that any more .
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It's called "eosinophilic granuloma complex", and there's loads of information about it on the Web. One very good site is "The Feline Advisory Bureau", http://www.fabcats.org/is45.html . Don't be shocked by the photos - they are of extreme cases. JC had a "rodent ulcer" on his upper lip in July. It went away after two shots of Depomedrol spaced two weeks apart, but I was told that it could recur at any time. I'm now giving him one 500 mg. tablet of omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil once a week (I slice the gelatine capsule and let him lick the oil off a plate, but you could also put it on food). Several people in a Yahoo EGC group have told me that it helps to prevent a relapse, and that they give their cats one capsule a day for several weeks (some say 2, others 4 to 6 weeks) when it is acute. I hope your kitty is doing better soon!
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Thank you jcat for posting that , very good info to read .
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Thanks for posting that info. Now that I have read this, BK sometimes will suck or lick an area of his stomach until there are little red bumps. Plus the problem with his bottom lip. It did not get as bad as that picture, but it did not look good either. I told my husband he is going to be our High Maintenance Kitty
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