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Hi there!

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Hello....we are new here. Told of this great new forum by House of Cats (believe me, they do have a houseful!). Let me introduce you to our houseful: Fluffy found us 14 years ago just as my husband & I were getting married. Since we weren't sure if he would get along with Willie, my (mean) cat, Fluffy stayed outside until one day I saw him licking & licking his underarm. When I went to investigate, I saw that he had a huge hole in his arm pit. With ER surgery and lots of love, he became an indoor cat. The doctors said he was already an adult cat, probably around 2 years old, so if that is true, Fluffy is a wonderful 16 year old beauty. Willie lived to be 15 years of age but was still mean to the male gender until he died. He was very protective of me and all the problems we encountered together. Lucky came into our lives in 1997. We happened to adopt him at the AZ Humane Society on Friday the 13th at 13:00 hours......he was a lucky little kitty. He proved his luck again eariler this year when he came down with Chylothorax. I've never heard of this disease until Lucky came down with it. His chest filled with fluid and he had to have it drained (by needle) every few days, he was in the pet hospital twice for a week each time. He almost died, but we got some great news 2 days after his 6th birthday (which happens to be April 1 !) He seemed to be responding to the medications and the fluid was not rapidly building back up, he was able to come home (that was the best night's sleep that I had in quite some time!) Today he has NO fluid present in his chest, but continues to take medications to prevent this. Then there is my baby....Yoshi. House Of Cats found Yoshi and the rest of his littermates in the park where they feed a feral coloney. Lisa knew I wanted a white kitten with blue eyes. Yoshi fit the bill. After spending some time in the care of AZ Cats and when he was weaned from his mother, we got him. He was the tinest little thing you ever saw. My husband dubbed him the "white rat". He had big huge pink ears, and pink nose, blue eyes that turned red when the light hit them....just adorable. Well, 3 years have passed now and he has changed a whole bunch.....he now has orange ears, and stripes and patches of brownish/orangeish color all over him. He still has those beautiful ice blue eyes though, and he is a big time mamma's boy. When he sleeps with me he has to hold my face. Just a cuddly, lovable kitty......but he still has his "monster" side too.

They have their own picture book, please take a look at our kitties at:

Whew! Sorry about the long post, hope I get to know everyone here.
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Welcome to the site Bunny! What a great photo album. They are all SO adorable, but I have to admit I'm already smitten with Lucky. He's just gorgeous, and everything he's been through just adds to it.

Enjoy your time here!
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Welcome! Loved the pics.
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Welcome to this site .The pictures you made of your babies are awsome You have some very beautyfull cats .I am glad that Lucky is doing better now .
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Welcome to TCS Bunny!

Your cats are just so puuuuuuuuuuuurty!

I Lucky!
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Hi Cats N Clay it's good to see you here! I thought I'd give you a nice big welcome

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WELCOME TO THE SITE! i enjoyed looking at your oics. your kittys are pretty, and lucky is a lucky one to have you and your husband they all are, enjoy your time around the forums
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welcome, I enjoyed reading how your little came into your life, you are among friends...
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