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Do any of you know excel?

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is there some place online to learn it?? If you know how would you please email me or respond..I really would like to learn!...it would help in the work field I do believe....I have a feeling that that school would be the only way I would learn, but wasnt sure if it was pretty simple to learn though.
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I've seen commercials on tv where you can get a free "learn excel" cd. If I see it again I'll write down the number.
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I use excel all the time for my work. What exactly do u need to do? Maybe I can give u some tips. U can also send me an IM and we can chat online- that might be quicker. Check my profile for my im address.

I don't know if there's a way to learn excel online. I have taken a few classes in school and picked up the rest on my own by playing around with it or asking co workers to teach me some. Now it's my co workers who are asking me to help with excel worksheets!
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Here you go! I found it online!

Learning Professor
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You can always go to your local book store and buy the whole Microsoft Office learing manual and then you can learn at your own pace. You could easily go to a second hand book store and also get the learning manual probably cheaper. Or even cheaper, go to the library and borrow the book from there!

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OR ask for help from co workers, friends, etc (that's for free!) That's what I did and I have not had any problems using Excel- since I've learned from a few classes LONG time ago and got "updated" tips from co workers when I first started working in my current position..

Good luck!
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If you have Excel on your computer at home, the little wizard that comes with it can be a great help. Just click on the question mark and your Excel wizard will pop up. Right-click on him, then click Options, make sure that the tips for using the features and mouse more effectively are checked, and also check the tip of the day at startup option. Then whenever you're using Excel if it sees a better way to accomplish what you want, it will tell you. Also if you need to do something & are not sure how, you can left-click on him to ask the question you need. You can learn a lot just by playing around with the program - it can do all sorts of cool stuff. Anytime you want to play around, just save a copy of your original file & start playing with the copy - that way you can fiddle to your heart's content, and not worry about messing anything up.
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Thanks for all the great tips ladies! I think I will head to the library and see what they got there....
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