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Remembering 9-11

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LIght a candle to remeber all the people who dies september 11. 2001
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.....always do and always will - I have two friends who are pilots with American Airlines who both lost daughters in the twin towers. I have a picture on my desk at work of the American eagle shedding a tear as the fires raged. It stands on my desk as a permenant reminder and as a person who has flown over 300 times, both private and as a passenger and a person who flies model airplanes - its personal.

At the right times - I will be the only one who is stood in silence in the office out of respect - and always will be.

Born in England - loves the USA
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That is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.
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For a very powerful reminder of that horrific day, go to this thread which began on 9/11 in which TheCatSite members related what they were seeing and hearing at the time. It is almost surreal to go back and read what we CatSite members were going through that day and during the days that followed.
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My nephew will be 15 on 9/11. He refuses to celebrate his birthday on that date. How can anyone, the world over, forget? Most of humanity, but unfortunately not all, was united by horror on 9/11. I have very mixed feelings about what should be done with "Ground Zero". So many people, from countries all over the world, died that day. I personally will go through feelings of loss, hatred, and incredulity - whether we light candles or not, let us pause and think about the inhunane attitudes some of our so-called "fellow humans" are capable of.
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I remember that day like it was yesterday, waking up, getting ready for work, then hearing my Mother scream in the next room... I think a part of all died that fateful morning. I am crying now as I write this. So much pain, so much loss. I can't go on to finish this...........
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I see 09/11 as the day the world stood still, since not only Americans, but every nationality was affected by those events. I still get chills remembering it.

It was the first day of my week long vacation and Rob and I were packing to go to the cottage. Rob was loading up the car and I turned on the TV to check what the weather forcast was for the coming week. As I turned on the TV, I saw the live coverage of the first plane hitting the tower. Of course there was panic, and even people in Toronto were told to go home early to look after personal affairs and to make sure they would be safe in case there was a terrorist strike here.

Rob and I drove up to the cottage and every car,gas station, and store had their radios and TV's felt so surreal. Here in Toronto it was a gorgeous sunny day and we were driving past farms and fields, scenes of such peaceful images it was just so shocking to know that miles away such agony was being felt. I'll never forget it.

And today, the terrorists are still toying with our security and emotions. Here's an excerpt from the Toronto news on September 3:

Taken from

They’re facing weighty allegations and now they’re up against some aggressive foes.

A few of the men being detained in Ontario because of suspicions that they could have connections to al-Qaida, have come under attack by other inmates, which has led to them being moved into their own cells.

And, according to the man representing seven of the 21 who were arrested, the assaults are the reason two of his clients asked not to appear on camera during detention reviews on Wednesday.

The men were arrested in an investigation titled Project Thread. There are allegations that some of the suspects toyed with explosives and were looking for details about a few key structures, including the CN Tower.

They were put into the Maplehurst correctional facility in Milton.

On Wednesday, those hearing the review of suspect Muhammad Naeem, were told that photos of airplane schematics and guns were found on the man’s wall during the RCMP arrest on August 14. But lawyer Tariq Shah said Naeem’s arrest was because of his ethnicity. And Shah also said Imran Younas Khan, who had a review on Wednesday too, denies having alleged schematics and pictures of firearms. He said the authorities’ case is standing on “vague†evidence.

So far, only Mohammad Akhtar and Saif Ullah Khan have been released on bail as the investigation continues.
Fears of being linked to the probe caused one person to rethink his offer to post bail for Imran Younas Khan.

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Here is my friend's poetry group that she of our assignments was to write about Sept.11 because it affected everyone, from all walks of life, religious and ethnic backgrounds. She's originally Canadian but moved to France after meeting a wonderful man whose her husband now. Anyway cute site, you can join if you want...
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I can't believe it's been almost two years since thats happened. I still remember it like it was yesterday, I don't think anyone could ever forget. That day is forever etched in my memories.
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this day and all of the other horrible acts that these terriosts have done to all of those innocent people just makes me sick, i guess mad at the same time, i will never forget 9/11, but it is so disturing to me that i try not to think about it to much.
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Thanks for posting this, I forwarded it to a bunch of family and friends.

9/11 is a dear friend of mine's birthday. She lives in Staten Island and works in Manhattan. On 9/11/01, she worked across the street from the towers. I remember praying that she had taken the day off for her birthday. Turns out she had gone into work, and was the one who made the decision (over management's objections) that they all had to get the heck out of there. One she broke the ice, everyone decided to leave. (A wise choice!) She got on the very last ferry out of NYC or else would have been stranded there for gods knows how long.

I remember the hours of waiting, when there was no phone service into NYC cause all the lines were tied up, trying to reach her and her husband on the phone to make sure they were ok. Thank goodness they were both fine.

She said shortly thereafter she was going to pick a random date in the year and celebrate her birthday on that day for the rest of her life, she didn't want to celebrate anything on 9/11.
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Seems like it was just yesterday. That's one of those things where you'll remember every detail, right down to what you were wearing when you found out.
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I wear one of these bracelets every day. It is engraved with the name of someone from my hometown in NJ who died in the WTC. My way of paying respect.

If you haven't seen the HBO special, In Memoriam, I recommend it. We should never forget the events of 9/11.

Just the other day at my school, a kid brought in a tiny box cutter and actually minorly cut 2 kids with it. The parent doesn't think it was that big a deal. Whn my principal told me that, I just shook my head and said, "Does she not remember that box cutters changed our world 2 years ago?"
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I'll never forget that day, I will remember it forever. I was woken up by the phone, my brother on the other end. He's yelling turn on the TV NOW, I have to go and hung up on me. When I saw what was happening....I broke down. You see my brother lives 3 blocks from the trade center. Those days of not knowing what had happened to him about killed me. I will carry that day with me forever as if it was yesterday.

Then to find out that my other brother was going to the city for a meeting at 11am that day at the trade center. I almost lost both my brothers that day. Thank goodness my one brother plane was held up and it didn't make it in. Then 4 days late I found out the other brother was found.

I will always remember 9/11
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I thought that maybe since 'the day' is closer now, I'd bump this.
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thanks for the link
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I cannot believe that 2 years have now passed since September 11th 2001. My heart still goes out to all who were affected by this horribly tragic event. I know I'm not American, but you all have my heartfelt sympathies and I'm thinking of you on this difficult day. I will spend moments today in quiet contemplation and light a candle for those who lost their lives.

Take care everyone.
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PS I forgot to say that I know it's not quite the 11th in the USA yet so this is early for most.
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Thank you for your thoughts. I am a native New Yorker and this is a particularly rough time for me and for all of us. It especially hit so close to home for my family (my mother was standing underneath the Trade Center when the first plane hit and we lost her for 4 hours before we finally heard from her). Thank you. As the saying says, gone but not forgotten.

My heart and prayers go out to all those lost in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania and their families.
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Gary and I are based out of NYC work-wise. Gary was still recovering from back-surgery, so we didn't head into the office. I remember turning on CNBC (the usual morning routine). He was on the phone, and I was making breakfast (a little late ). I remember looking up - the TV was on mute - and seeing flames coming out of the World Trade Center. ?????? I poked Gary, pointed at the TV - and he said - hang on a sec - and turned on the volume. It had just happened. They didn't know it was a plane yet. Listeners were calling in, and they played live someone who said they'd seen a plane fly into the building. We were watching when the second plane flew into the second Tower. I stuck a videotape in - we knew we were watching history. At about 9:15, Gary said - they're going to collapse. I don't know how he always knows these things, but that's Gary.

It was horrific. We had friends and customers at Morgan Stanley, Cantor Fitzgerald, the Alger Funds, and the Association of Investment Management and Research, all housed in the towers. We had a LOT of friends at Gruntal (one of the buildings kitty-corner that got condemned, One Liberty Plaza) - in fact, we used to work there. (Quit in 1999. We were based out of LA at the time, but had offices in NY too).

It was tragic the next few days. Waiting to hear if anyone had come home. Then going to memorial services. Lots of them. Someone we'd had dinner with just the week before was gone....
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