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Best $14.00 I ever spent!

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I was having a hard time with Leo kicking litter (and other things eewwww) out of this litter box. I thought that the problem was that he needed two of them. Last week I went to Walmart and got a covered litter box and that did the trick! No litter all over the floor and Leo took to it really quickly. Thanks heaven for small favors.
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I know they are great!!. Otis is exactly the same and some mornings I was afraid to look but now everyone is happy
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I wouldnt use anything but a covered litter box I have one of those Booda Dome ones.
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Peaches won't use a covered box. I have no idea why. She's just truly a princess and has to have things her way I guess!
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I looked up the Booda Dome on the internet. That is a really cool litter box. One of the reasons that I like the covered one is that it is much deeper that the other one that I had. I was thinking of cleaning out the old litter box out real good and then seeing if the cat rescue society that I got Leo from would take it as a donation. Does anyone think that another cat will have a problem using a used litter box?
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My older cat Snoopy doesn't like covered litter boxes. He would rather go on the floor right beside it, than go inside. I'm not too happy with that option. I'd like to know more about the Booda boxes though.
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They should make a box that has really high walls but no cover. That way the cat doesnt feel like it is "trapped in" but can't kick the litter out.
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I use those high sided storage bins, they work great for litter boxes.
The high sides work great and the cats like the extra room in them.
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Duh! Well there goes my idea. LOL!
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I noticed at petsmart they are selling what looks like a larger bin with a hole cut in the top of the lid and they go through the top of the lid to get into the litter box, and they are selling the bin for 29.99 and then another 6.99 or so for the lid. Good idea but you can get a bin at Walmart for 6.00 and do the same thing. I dont use the lids on mine though.
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Originally posted by HopeHacker
I'd like to know more about the Booda boxes though.
You can get them at Petsmart or any large pet store. Nakita has used one since she was a kitten.

Here's a pic:
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I love my Booda! I would think most cats would want more privacy when they are going and therefore would like a covered box Interesting that some cats will not go in them.
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We use covered litter boxes exclusively, except with kittens... anyway, while most cats will use them, cats in general don't like to be in a confined space when they do thier business, I guess it has something to do with being territorial and comming from the outdoors etc....

As for the Dome, A friend of ours has one, actually our live in Vet tech, and she swears by it....
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Covered litter boxes are great- We have 4, but at $60- each they aint cheap!
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The Booda Dome is great. Amber always starts to scratch high up on the inside of the wall and then eventually comes down to actually cover her business. She scratches at the wall for a while! Its wierd.

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Leo does the same thing. That is how I know when he is done and time to scoop out the litter.
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My covered litter box was under $18. What kind do you purchase that is so pricey?
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Mine won't use the covered boxes. Well, most of them will, but some won't. The attic box and the kitten box are both covered, but the 13 boxes in the basement are un-covered. (Some were covered ones at time of purchase, have had lids removed)
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Wow, Sam, that is a lot of money! They're between $15-20 here!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
13 boxes
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I have 2 uncovered boxes for my cats. Sometimes when Felicia pees, she stands up and it goes onto the floor. I am thinking of getting one of those tall bins.
My bathroom isn't very big, but it is the only place I can put the cat boxes. For that reason, I would like to have one big box.
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