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CUTE pics of my cats cuddling with each other

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My heart just MELTED when I saw Zebra and Pepper cuddling!! They AREN'T related at all but looks and act soo much alike!
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As I tried to take another pic of them cuddling, I must've made some kind of noise which spooked them so this pic is of them being spooked. Zebra looked funny with her fur ruffled!

Hey if any of u guys have any pics of ur cats cuddling with each other, pls post! I'd love to see them!
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Aww that's so cute. I love pictures of kitties cuddling.
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Awww, that's so cute. Unfortunately all my cuddling kitty pics are all pre-digital.
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This might be a dumb question but isn't it possible for us to scan pictures and save onto cpu if we have pics we want to share but they aren't digital?
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Not a dumb question at all, and it would certainly be the thing to do....if I had a scanner!

Edit: Hey Pamela, thanks so much! Your question got me thinking, so I experimented with just taking pics of the pics, and ta da! The color and quality's not great, but good enough. Posting them next.
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Max and Vladimir sleeping..

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That is just too cute.
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Cute pics, everyone! Here's mine:

Mozart and Ginza:

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End of pics!
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So cute, mine won`t get within 5 feet of each other, breaks my heart no cuddling going on around here!
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Aw, love all the pics of these cuties cuddling!!

Ophelia is definitely our cuddler. She loves to be cuddled when she naps. Sometimes she will nudge and force her way into snuggling with Trent! LOL But once she's snuggled, she doesn't care what he does to her (as you can see in the 2nd pic, an Ophelia pillow!)

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How sweet! I hope some of my cats are that comfortable with each other some day!
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All of these are so cute
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Ophelia and Trent are so wonderful. Ophelia sounds like a true angel. My cat Jake and her would hit it off just wonderfully! He looooooooooooves to cuddle and refuses to sleep by himself or in a room away from us.
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Princess says, "I raised this big brown lug from 5 weeks, and I can still make him mind if I have to break his neck! Simba is 4 now and Princess is 8 and inseparable!
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And, we still pose for Mom like good kids!

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omg these pics just melt my heart.

everyones babies are so purrty!
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