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Hey guys, happy, happy day! Scott and I are going camping!
Only going overnight but I'm excited!

Don't do anything too fun while I'm away...see ya soon,

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Do LOTS of things that are too fun while you are there...
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I love camping! We haven't done that in a while, but as soon as the doctor gives the all clear, I sure want to do that again.
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Have fun Cleo!!!!!!
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well, as you can see...I'm back!:laughing2
We had a great time, the weather was amazing , area was quiet and gorgeous, and I didn't fall in the river!:jarswim:

Actually got brave and waded across a very shallow part of the Clackamas River, slippery as H*ll but made it without falling on my head! (or tush)

It was a perfect trip, except I lost my camera set it on the truck and we drove off...ooops! Went about 5 miles and turned back, but it was gone. Oh well, been wanting a digital anyway! Lost the pics we took though...that part stinks.

Already planning the next trip, just hope my health is as good as it was this time...hardly a symptom the whole time, and NO fatigue!
"hey Montell...I think I found a cure for MS....CAMPING!!!!"

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Cleo!! Sounds like you had fun!!! Great!!! I also love camping...(I know, I know...I have to leave the curling iron behind... :laughing: )
But I really do enjoy it....I used to go camping quite a bit, but haven't for awhile, my hubby isn't really all that into it.
I will have to tell my best friend, who also has MS, that you have found a cure! Hey...maybe she and I could meet somewhere half way between and go camping together!!!
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