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I want to thank a TCS member

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kittenkrazy,I want to thank you for all you have done for my grandson Hunter,you are truely a :angel2: :angel4: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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I'm not sure what this is all about, but regardless...that is wonderful!

It's nice to know that there are good people out in this world!
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Ok Sherral, stop teasing us! If you can spill the beans then spill them and give us details!
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She help get him somethings he needed for school.
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Bless her heart! How wonderful is that?
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I think it is most wonderful,she does not know me or Hunter ,but she jumped right in and helped.
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Well that was really nice of her
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Oh How Sweet
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aww that is so special!
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just now found this, was glad to be of help!
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I got them today ! Thank you very much!
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Did they fit ?
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Awww how nice! Boy, we do have a good bunch here, don't we?
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yes! The 1's did and my granddaugther wanted the other pair and they fit her so I gave them to her! Again thank you very much!(she had a old pair that didn't look real good).Now both are happy,thanks to you. God bless you and your hubby.
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Yay ! It always makes me happy to make kids happy !
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I love happy kids - you are an angel!
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Thanks for all the compliments folks, but I must admit to being embarrassed by them. I just get a great thrill out of being able to help, I'm not rich, though I wish I was (I think). I just try to keep my eyes open for opportunities to help others when I can !
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I have not seen Hunter a week so I didn't get a chance to ask him how he liked the shoes,well I have him here today so I ask him,(he said I love them they make me run real fast,better and faster than my old ones!)Out of the mouth of babes!
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