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Last night at work...OMG!

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Last night I had my first customer accident that I had to deal with. I was actually on my dinner break when it happened. I usually stay at work for lunch...too hard to go back after spending an hour at home. Anyway, I heard someone page a Code White (accident) in the parking lot. I just jumped up...didn't care that I wasn't on the clock. I was afraid it was a child that got hit by a car...so many things running through my mind at the time. I was worried on the way to the parking lot that "What if I need to do CPR?". I'm certified, but I've never had to do it. Honestly, I hope I won't ever have to use those skills but it's a good idea to keep up on them.

I got to the scene and my body instantly had goosebumps! I seen a pair of legs on the ground and I ran like I've never ran before! I found an 85 year old woman laying on the ground bleeding from the back of her head. There was a lot of blood...which I'm not very good with. Thankfully someone called 911 before I even got there and within 3 minutes we had EMT's and cops everywhere. I ran inside & got towels since she had blood all over her hands. I just remember looking down at her & she tried to smile...as if she was thanking me with out saying any words. I just bent down & told her that everything was going to be alright. She was worried about her groceries in her car & we told her we'd keep them in our fridge so they wouldn't spoil. She was so grateful for all that we did for her. We're not sure what happened since there weren't any witnesses & she wasn't in the right state of mind or body for us to ask any questions like that. We just wanted her to get checked out ASAP...we'll ask questions later. Apparently she must have tripped or lost her balance & cracked her skull on the pavement. That had to be so painful!

I didn't hear how she is doing today. Now that the new Patient Privacy Laws (HIPAA) are in affect, we can't even call the Hospital to find out if she was admitted. I just pray that she's ok and that nothing serious was wrong.

Please say a little prayer or send some healing vibes her way. I just couldn't help but think of my Grandma during this. I would just hope and pray that if this would happen to my Grandma, people would go out of there way for her.
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Shell that was so thoughtful of you to go help, i will say a prayer for her and send some vibes her way, if you find out how she is doing let us know.
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Originally posted by dougbug
Shell that was so thoughtful of you to go help, i will say a prayer for her and send some vibes her way, if you find out how she is doing let us know.
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Thanks Guys! It was technically part of my job, but honestly I would have been there even if it wasn't. That poor woman...if you could have only seen her. I would have held her hand...but it was covered in blood. I just kneeled down to her & tried to reassure her.

Thanks for the thoughts & prayers. I'll keep you posted on how she is.
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shell you are a She most likely fell due to her age.Hope she is ok.
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Shell that was wonderful what you did for this elderly person In her eyes you are a hero! I will pray for her to get better real soon.
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I hope she is okay...she would get her groceries, maybe then you could find out...
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Originally posted by Shell
Apparently she must have tripped or lost her balance & cracked her skull on the pavement. That had to be so painful
I work at a nursing home and I think it's very possible that's what happened. Elderly people can fall and end up with fractures soooo easily. Maybe you will see the lady's family member(s) when they come to the store to get her groceries, and you can ask them how she is. Update us if you can!!!

Healing thoughts and prayers are on the way!
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Actually about an hour or so after the accident, someone picked them up for her. No one notified Management (me!) about it when they came...I had some paperwork that needs to be filled out for the accident but more importantly I really wanted to know if she was ok.

I don't know the lady very well, but she was a regular customer at our Pharmacy. I'm sure she recongized me from there...I do hope that I made her more comfortable during that awful time.

I was so wound up after that. I barely slept last night and I had an awful dream. I can't remember a bit of it, but I do remember waking up with my heart racing & breathing very hard. I do remember feeling very scared and I know it was probably something to do with that accident. I was quite freaked out right after that dream!

Thanks Guys...I'm no angel or anything. I'm sure anyone in my shoes would have done the same. I just hope that she's ok.
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Thanks so much for helping her Shell-

I'll send some calming vibes across the way to the lady! I hope she's okay

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I wonder if nursing is your true calling? You did a wonderful thing by comforting that woman. I hope you are repaid a zillion times for this good deed. Truly from the heart.
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She probably fell. My Grandma does that a lot. Sometimes they lose their sense of balance. You have some good people there, when my sister fell in a supermarket in Laramie, WY the only person who stopped was an old man that couldn't help her and she ended up lying there for over 30 minutes before she could abide the pain and get up. The old man stayed with her the entire time and talked to her. I was livid when I heard that.
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How disturbing!

I hope she's much better today Sending prayers

The world needs more genuinely caring people like you, Shell.
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Oh, I do hope she's Ok today. Trama's like that can really be hard on the elderly.

Shell, you really are a sweet person. If I ever had an accident like that, I would feel so much better, knowing that someone like you were there to comfort me. I'm sure you made all the difference in the world on how she handled the accident Thank God there are people in the world out there like you.
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Thanks guys. It's very fulfilling to help someone that is hurt or in need of some help.

Today was my day off from work, but I happen to stop by after my shopping spree this afternoon. I asked if we heard how Hilda (that's her name) is doing and they said that she's going to be fine. She's really sore and has some bruises on her back. She had to have a couple staples in her head from the cut, but other than that nothing major. It's good news to me! I just hope that she doesn't have another scary fall like that.

Thanks everyone for the kind words and the thoughts for Hilda. I'm sure she'd be very appreciative of all of your thoughts.
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