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chatter box

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my boy stripey loves to chatter, he talks to me all the time, i chatter back and forth to him , it is so funny, do your kitties chatter alot? i sure wished i knew what he was saying
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My cats chatter a lot too, especially my boy Jake. He is chattering up a storm right now asking his daddy to play fetch with him. It's so cute! He responds to me when I meow and chirp at him. I must be saying something interesting in his language, I guess!
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Ashley loves to talk. Its great right about dinner time for her, she'll meow, and I'll meow back, we'll go on for a good 5 - 10 minutes.

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I don't chatter with my cats, but i have meaningful conversations with my sponge-dog
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Tailer talks all the time. I respond in English and she responds in cat. Many times you can even tell what she's saying because she's so expressive. One time she even bitched me out when I had company and THEY could even tell what she'd said.

Mostly she just tells me what she's done, what Toes has done (she LOVES telling on him), what's going on right now, when something's wrong, when she's hungry or upset, hello, etc.

My old cat Penny used to say hello whenever she came in the house. It was the only time she made that sound and it was a kind of chirruping noise.
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i know what you mean by bitching you out, stripey does that when he gets locked up in the cabient accidently btw Sam what is a sponge dog??
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Originally posted by Sylent Rayne
she'll meow, and I'll meow back, we'll go on for a good 5 - 10 minutes.
Same here. Zoey loves to chat with mommy!! Especially when I'm at my computer chair and she lays behind me. When she wants attention she'll start meowing and then I'll meow back and this goes on for awhile We even do the chirpping meh meh meh meows back and forth until she decides she's going to jump up and swat my head
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Ashley is usually asleep, or just lounging about the house, but when she wants something, or comes to comfort me, she'll let herself be known!

Ashley has never actually swipped at me for talking to her, she loves to give hugs though. Its actually really cute. She'll wake up, climb ontop of the stereo, look at me, "Meow" then edge closer to me. I'll tap my chest and she jumps over, then lays her head on my shoulder with her two paws around me neck. She loves giving hugs.
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