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My New Thread lol

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Ok, I was supposed to start this last night but then I got a phone call from work, and forgot about it!

It's about my shoulders, kind of. Someone told me that if I went to the chiropractor, it would help. Then another person told me that a massage therapist is better.

Anyone have any other ideas? Here is a link to what is wrong with my shoulders, the only one I can find right now Sorry it's not that great of a site.


I have another dr appt on the 15th, when he'll likely tell me that I have to have surgery....I've accepted it and actually want it done, b/c I'm in way too much pain most days so it's looking good you know?

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I've never experienced what you have, but I do have thumb tendonitis (DeQuervain's disease). It's caused by inflamation and pressure on the tendon that goes from the inner arm up through the wrist into the thumb. I was told that the ultimate cure was surgery, but that steroid injections and splinting would help, and they have done wonders for me. Every now and then, when I get uncomfortable, I wear my splints at home to give the tendons a chance to heal.

Perhaps you should ask your doctor if steroid injections into the inflamed tendons and reduced usage of your shoulder(s) would relieve the symptoms. An appointment with a physical therapist may also help to find exercises that strenghten your shoulders and reduce the pain. No matter what, I hope you can find something that makes you pain-free.
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I checked your link and went "huh? uhhhhhh.." all of that went over my head I do hope and pray it heals soon, we'll keep our paws crossed...
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LOL!!!! Christy, it looks like you didn't have any problems understanding what it said.

Healing thoughts and prayers are on the way for your shoulders.
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BTW, I just wanted to mention that I couldn't read it either!!!!
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Sorry guys! I know when I read it, it went way over my head too. I did have another site, but I can't find it, and that was the only one I had at the moment. Here are a couple more that I found just now, and they explain it a bit better.




I should also say that I had cortisone shots, anti-inflammatories, exercises, taking advil (way too much of that! but my brother got me some Aleve, which is supposed to help, but I dont know yet about it), everything. Surgery is the last resort kind of thing. I have had tendonitis for almost 2 years now (it will be 2 in December).

Anyways, sorry for not posting a better site. These ones are better, more in normal ppl language!

Thanks for your help!
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Wow, Christy, you sound like you're in pain a lot too! Sorry to hear that! I don't know if steroid injections would help or not. I had cortisone shots, and they didn't help, and I'm also not too keen on needles or anything, so I don't know. I'll mention it to my dr at my next appt. I have had exercises to do but they don't really seem to help a lot. But I'll see what the dr says, and post it back on here. It will be after the 15, as that is when my appt is.
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Ok, so I was talking to a half co-worker today, and she said not to go to a chiropractor, just go to a massage therapist. What exactly does a massage therapist do? Sorry if I sound a little off, I don't mean to, but I'm kind of confused. Anyways, if you think it would help, please let me know, ok?
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Why dont you and Laura get together( think its Laura) - shes a massage specialist, you are the patient!!!! Healing vibes any way

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I just might do that Kev!
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I can sympathize with you. I have RA (Rhumatoid Arthritis) and have pain in my shoulders. It is very difficult to sleep when your shoulders hurt. I have been trying to exercise by going to a gym, however, it has caused me to have so much pain in my shoulders that it is hard to dress in the morning. Aleve might help you - I am on a anti-inflamatory called Bextra, but it does not seem to be working. What does seem to help for a short period of time is a heating pad.
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You may want to give this a try...you can find the book at most online bookstores, or maybe even at your local store.
The man who wrote the book had trouble with loss of motion and pain in his shoulders - he wrote the book to put the medical research on trigger points into layman's terms so it could help others.

A massage therapist I go to does trigger point therapy & it's helped me - he told me about the book & theracane for home care, and I've been using it for a while. My husband even uses it every now & then for back pain & headaches - it really helps.

I hope your shoulders get better soon Sending healing thoughts your way
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Thanks, Tuxedo, I'll have to look into it. I had a larger than regular (it said "king size" on the box) hating pad, but it died somehow, and so it doesn't work. Not quite sure if I can fix it or not. It did help some, but also when the dr told me to put heat on my shoulders, it was in the middle of August when it was like +30c outside, and inside wasn't much better, so I didn't do it too much then. I'll have to see what I can muster up around here.
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I use this for a heating pad - found him on the Animal Rescue site:

He's a soft adorable tuxedo cat stuffed with buckwheat & herbs & lavender. You warm him in a towel in the microwave & he holds heat for up to two hours. He's wonderful wrapped around my neck & shoulders (the weight & warmth feel great), & he fits right in in my house. He's my fifth tuxedo kitty - he's about a year old now, and I adore him.

There are other types of animals & colors of cats at www.warmwhiskers.com , but of course I had to pick the Oreo kitty.
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Aaaahhhhh....that's so cute! I might just have to look for one around here! I don't particularly like ordering things over the net, so if I can find it one up here in CAnada, I'll get it...or even in the States. My brother's girlfriend lives down there and he's always going south to her place, so I might just get him to get me one! lol What are brothers for???
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