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Is my cat pregnant?? Help me PLEASE!

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Ok, I know this isnt the write forum, but its the closest I can get. My cat is about 3 years old, and at around the 4th of July weekend, she was going through heat and yowling on out balcony. The yowling got VERY VERY loud and then stopped. I went out onto the porch and found another cat up there. about a week later, a different cat came up. So now, she has enlarged red nipples with white tips. Me and my family were pretty sure she is pregnant,but now shes going through heat again. She definetely does look bigger, and her pooch area has enlarged. I would appreciate any diagnosis. I figure she would have had them by now. She is small, so maybe she isnt going to get that big and only have 1 or 2? Thanks
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so. how bout answering my question?
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I'm sorry that no one has answered your questions. This is a message board, not a chat room...so it does take some time to get your question answered. We have some very knowledgable people on this board that I'm sure could help you. Many times they only pop in here for a few minutes a night, so it might seem like it takes forever for your questions to be answered.

I for one don't know much about pregnant cats since I haven't ever gone through that experience. I do highly suggest that you get your cat spayed as soon as you possibly can. It will prolong her life and end those horrible heat spells.

Hopefully someone more experienced with pregnant cats can help you more. BTW, welcome to the boards!
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Do you feel any movement on her belly yet ?
It really would be best to take her to the vet and let her be ck out to make sure evrything is ok with her .The vet also can tell you if she is or if she is not pregnant . But her health is # 1 consern at this time , and only the vet can tell you this .
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I agree, I would take her to the vet to be sure. When our cat, Lilith, was pregnant, we had never gone through anything like it before and had no clue what to expect. The vet will be able to not only tell if she is pregnant, but will be able to give you a clue to how far along she is (and when to expect kittens), as well as help you plan ahead for kittens.
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Will taking her to the vet cost anything? just for a checkup? How much? There is a vet right by my house and my mom was planning on getting her spayed. We just heard that its best to let them have a liter before hand. Shell- Thank you for welcoming me; And how does getting her spayes prolong life? Purrfectcatlove-No, i havent felt any movement but she is eating more and I also notice that she inspects and patrols parts of the house that she never has before.
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Spaying does prolong life because they are far less likely to get certain cancers if they are spayed. Also, they are less likely to roam and thus get lost of hit by a car.

The cost of a vet checkup varies from vet to vet. Our current vet charges $20 for an exam.
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Your cat needs to be checked by a vet. He will be able to give you a good estimate of when the kittens are due. I do hope she is inside now because if she is still outside, she faces danger from un-neutered males roaming the night.

She will live longer if you get her spayed. She will stop having the heat cycles that likely drive you (and her crazy) you will be less likely to lose her outside, if she doesn't do into heat. She will not get the cancers that cats who breed get, such as mammary cancers, and she won't be susceptible to pyometria either. It really is a good idea for both of you for her to be spayed.

If she is quite small as well, you need to realize that there may be problems at birth, depending on the weight of each kitten and how many kittens there are. That's why a vet visit is important, and yes, it will cost you. No vet will see an animal for free. The office call can vary depending on where you are located but they can run anywhere from $25.00-45.00 for just a clinic visit, then it just depends on what the vet wants to do during the exam.

You need to let your parents know that a vet visit is a really good idea about now.
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That is a HUGE misconception: cats need to have a litter to live better lives. The fact that it is still around today is very upsetting.

Going through heat is not a fun thing for cats to go through. Mating is painful. Carrying a litter of up to 6 or more kittens is VERY rough on a cat. Birthing is also difficult, painful and things can go wrong and your cat can become ill or die. Caring for kittens drains every bit of energy and all moms nutrients. Kittens can become ill and die, and this is NOT uncommon. Its emotionally and physically hard for a cat to have kittens and than care for them.

Breeders know all this and prepare for it. Our cats are in top physical condition at all times. We know how to handle problems when they arise and most of us are hand raising sick kittens, or rushing someone to the vet for some reason. Its not an easy thing to do.

Yes, cats have been having babies on the street for years, blah blah blah, and that is why there are so many cats in shelters and being put to sleep everyday.

I personally think it is very irresponsible to let a DSH cat knowling have a litter. Accidents do happen, strays show up on door steps, but the responsible thing to do is SPAY your cat.

These kittens will be adorable, but will grow up and need homes. How can you be sure that you wil find excellent homes for them? We as breeders can never be 100% sure that our kittens go to wonderful ooving homes, but we do our best and send them along with contracts to protect them.

And what happens when these kittens grow up and arent altered? They have babies, and more kittens are out there that need homes.

Whats done is done, but if your cat is not pregnant PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get her altered. It will be better for her, you and everyone.
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