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Hi, everyone,

I am new to this forum, although I did post a message on the behavior forum yesterday so some of this may be redundant to anyone who read that.

We recently adopted a stray cat, whose name is most likely going to be Simba (I'm waffling). He is a beautiful blond/orange cat, and was obviously taken care of at some point because he had been neutered and declawed (I didn't do it), and was litter-box trained. He was terribly starved, so must have been on his own for awhile. We took him to the vet to get him checked out, and after spending an obscene amount of money on blood tests, shots, wormer, antibiotics, flea & tick medicine, heart guard, etc, took him home with a clean bill of health. He was so starved that he has had some muscle loss in his back legs, but is otherwise OK. I love cats, but we haven't had one for a few years because we have two dogs, but I couldn't not take this guy in. It is working out well because the dogs are not allowed upstairs, and the cat is perfectly happy staying away from the lower level.

I found this forum because I wanted some insight into the fact that he likes to bite me (sounds from the responses like its love nibbles), and seem to have found a place full of other cat lovers! I will post a picture of Simba when I get them developed - he has been eating well for over 3 weeks now, and is starting to put some weight back on. I am probably creating a monster, because I am giving him more soft food and some extra treats (like cooked chicken) that he probably can have once he is up to weight, but I figure he needs the extra right now. He is a very serious cat - doesn't play much, but likes to lie quietly with us and be petted and snuggled. He also likes to curl up in his bed in the sun, just lies there and purrs loudly. The vet didn't have a good guess as to his age, but my guess is young adult.

Sorry for the log post - I'm just pretty excited about the new member of our family!

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Welcome! What a wonderful thing to do, you are an angel. I enjoyed reading your story, and can't wait to see pics, whatever his name turns out to be (Simba!)! I've got an orange purrmachine too!

Of course you're not creating a monster, no such thing as too much spoiling and after all he's been through it's great to get some pampering.
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I'm so glad that you were able to rescue him! There is a huge amount of info on this site, just use the search button on the top of the forums. Or you can scan through the posts.


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Welcome to the site! How wonderful of you to rescue your little guy. He may become more active once he puts more weight on. He's probably so used to conserving energy since he wasn't getting enough to eat, he doesn't realize that he CAN yet.
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Welcome! It is good that you rescued him. I will be looking for pictures.
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome. We all love to hear about everyones babies. I have rescued several and know the joy you are sharing with your new baby. Simba sounds like a great lover. Enjoy many years with him.
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Jules (orange) and Blondie (buff) say that orange and buff boys are the bestest!
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Welcome. Thank you for taking care of the little one. We need more warm hearts such as yours.
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welcome aboard, I have always found for the most part that shelter animals and strays seem to make the most loving caring pets, maybe they appreciate it more, but congrats....
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It sounds like he is relaxing and resting up after a hard time outdoors with no food. He must be in heaven with you taking such good care of him now.
Welcome to the cat site!!!
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Welcome! I like orange boys/girls best!
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