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car scratch fever

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Has anyone ever got this from a cat?
A friend of mine just called and told me they finally diagnosed her daughters illness. Her child had been ill for a while with symptoms that varied from flu like to swollen glands. She said it is more common in children and you get it from kittens more than adult cats.
The Dr recommend my friend find a new home for her cat, and gave her a host of other diseases you can get from cats, because of the bacteria they carry on their claws.
I knew cat bites can be serious then dog bites, but never really thought about getting scratched.
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My husband got it once from a cat bite. It was the neighbor's cat we were babysitting for a weekend and it got scared and bit him. My neighbors never had an issue with cat scratch fever from him. The vet's advice just doesn't seem right to me.....why would a vet recommend getting rid of a pet because of diseases on their paws? Wouldn't that ultimately put him out of business if everyone got rid of their cats? Or perhaps he is trying to drum up some de-clawing business.

I'd recommend a second vet opinion for this one.
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It was the child's Dr. that made the recommendation, not the Vet.
Sorry, I was not clear.
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Actually, the organism lives in the cats mouth, and transferred to the paws through grooming. That's why declawing does not decrease it's incidence.

Here's more detailed information on the subject:

Cat Scratch Fever

I really don't agree with that doctor. If people used some ordinary sense about cleanliness & routine health exams for family and the cats there should be no problem in having them in the house.
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Oh, I just realized I put car instead of cat)lol)
I need some coffee.
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I guess I need some coffee too, cause I didn't even notice that!

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