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I hope this is the right forum.
What exactly is the difference between clay and clumping litter?
I have a roll away litter box, and it says to use clumping litter but no matter what brand I try, it tracks.
Is clay litter different in that it does not track as much?
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Plain clay litter is made up of just pellets, and the clumping litter is ground into finer peices, and has clumping agents added.
They tell you to use the clumping because the urine will clump and be sifted out. The clay litter just absorbs the urine.
The clay litter tracks as well, just bigger peices
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Thanks Sandie,
I was hoping(lol) that perhaps, the clay did not track.
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You kinda have to experiement with different brands of clumping litter, some clump better than others
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I dont know where you are but the SAMS store has some very nice litter...you get 40lbs for like 8 bucks!
When I can't make it to SAMS I use the fresh step clumping...they both work well for me but there is going to be some tracking with any litter.
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Oh, thanks if you mean Sam's club. We have one close by.
Wow, that is a good price.
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Yes Sams club...I love that place
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I was just going to ask about litter. I was having a hard time finding the right litter for Emmett. I've been though a lot. I find with the clumping litter I have to sweep the bathroom at least twice a day, especially right before I shower (unless I want it all stuck to my feet when I get out)

Then I tired Feline Pine. I liked it. Emmett took well to it. If you haven't heard of it, its made of pine and it looks like rabbit food. The pee just makes the pettets turn to sawdust, which is nice, and you just flush the poo down the toilet. Now I liked the Feline pine for the no tracking, and easy clean up. But I had this feeling Emmett didn't care for it too much, but he used it anyway. I ran out of it and today had to buy some regular clumping cat litter. The second I filled his box he was in there scratching around happy as a clam. I've already had to sweep once today

But Emmett is happy with it, and when I move the cat little will be in the basement so it won't be so bad. I'm thinking of sticking with the clumping kind.

If you have any suggestions let me know.
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