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Cupid (TV show)

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Did anyone watch this last night? I decided to check it out because Simon Cowell, of the American Idol Fame, produced it. I thought it was funny and sad at the same time.

Basically, using the AI format, they are looking for a husband for a woman, her and her two friends go to 4 big cities and interview men. If they make the first cut they got to LA, where more intensive interviews go on, and then they cut to just 10. Then they live in a house otgether, dating this girl and America votes on who they think is the best canidate for the girl to marry.

If they get married and stay married for a year the girl gets 1 millon dollars as her dowry.

I think it is a neat concept. It would be nice to see it work out for this woman.

So, did anyone watch, and what do you think?
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Dang I missed it. I was watching Paradise Hotel
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It actually came on after Paradise Hotel at 10pm on CBS.
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Is anyone besides me watching this? I apologize if there is already a thread about it and please let me know so I can merge them if there is.

I just LOVE this show!!!!!! Those friends of hers are a kick! Especially Laura!!!! She is so fiesty!

I like Hank the best and hope he wins......he is the kind of man I would want to marry if I were single...or would want Amber to marry someday. What a sweetheart!!!!!!!
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I'm hooked too, Debby! I also adore Hank. I can't believe Robert is still there! Wow! At least he's not quite as psycho as he was at the beginning.
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Oh I know!!! Robert just kills me!!! When I first saw him, I thought...Wow... now THAT'S the one I'd pick....and then as soon as he opened his mouth, I went....huh??????? He does seem like a sweety...but I can't help but think he's not quite all there. Goes to show you, you can't judge by looks!
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Here's one


It only has 3 replies though Either people here dont watch it or they are so ashamed they dont want to say Kidding!!

I watched it once.. I keep forgetting when its on though

I do watch Paradise Hotel and Temptation Island 3 though I'm too shy to start a thread LOL
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Thanks for pointing out the other thread...I merged them. And don't be too shy to start a thread about your favorite TV shows...you never know how many others are watching them and dying to talk about it!
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