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Really Funny Tomato Story

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Hi Everyone,

It's been a long while since I've been on. But I have a really funny story to share.

One night, I heard Silas climing back over the gate to downstairs (he's not supposed to be upstairs but *suprise* he still goes up there). I'm laying in my bed, which is also downstairs, and I hear a really loud, weird noise on the wooden steps. So I jump out of bed and walk around the counter. It is very dark and I can't really see anything, except an outline of Silas looking over something. Now I'm getting scared...who knows what it is.

So I walk slowly up the stairs, and as I get closer, I see a reddish lumpy looking thing on the stairs. Now I'm freaking out. I didn't know WHAT the heck it was. Silas is of course just looking at me like "what?". So I carefully jump over the step and turn on the light switch, very scared as to what I'm going to find.

The light switches on, and..................its a TOMATO!! Silas had jumped up on the windowsill over the sink in the kitchen and grabbed one of my mom's tomatos. He tried to carry it over the gate back downstairs and it burst on the step. I laughed the whole time I was cleaning up.

As a side note, my mom has found that every once in a while a tomato or 2 will have very strange teeth marks all over them!!
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LMAO ! I needed that ! Thanks !
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LMAO that is soooo funny!

I had a cat, Buffy, bless her soul. Tomatoes were not safe with her around sometimes when my mum bought them and left them on the ktichen bench, she would come back with them totally destroyed, the white bench stained red, and Buffy looking totally nonchalant.
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We had a dog once who never, ever stole anything off the table, period, except once. In 13 years the only thing he ever stole was a Tomato Sandwich. We used to have to race the dog to be able to get ripe tomatos off of the vine before he would snatch them. Only veggie or fruit he ever liked.
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That is a funny story

I swear I heard tomatoes are poisonous to cats though..
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My daughters kitten Chipp loved tomatoes. She used to save the tomatoes from her sandwiches for him. He passed away this past January and everytime I see tomatoes on a sandwich I think of him. He loved them so much!
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Toes eats tomatos all the time and when I told the vet about it he didn't say anything (and this was a good vet).
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Attack of the Tomato Killer!
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I knew I wasnt crazy
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A 100g is quite a lot of tomato, though. Toes would have had to have been VERY hungry to eat that much.
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I always feed my cats tomotaos and have done for the last 10 years, If I ever see any problems with my cats , I'll stop feeding them to them, but I haven't seen any side effects
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