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What color is your cat?

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Anybody who wants to do this do this.
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I've got 3..so it was hard to just vote for 1!
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I moved this poll to the Lounge. The poll forum in Caption This is strictly for the caption contests.
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I wasn't sure what color to vote for. Snowball is part Siamese, and I think his coloring would be considered flame-point.
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Originally posted by Shell
I've got 3..so it was hard to just vote for 1!
I voted for both my cats, I was thinking that most of us here have more than one cat, so it would not give the right results if you could only vote for one, so I tried...and I was able to wote for more than one...Shell, maybe the poll was changed after you voted

Ps. After voting for my girls, and having wondered if mayby I was wrong by saying Pollýanna was a calico rather than a tortie, I saw the colour "beautyful", and of course they are both beautyful...

Can anyone refresh my memory about the difference between a calico and a tortie?
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Didn't see black & white (we have 4) or bicolor up there so just voted "beautiful" We also have a brown & white tabby.
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I have two and it was hard to vote between both of my purrguys. So beautiful is the one for me
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I voted beautiful. Ivo is a black/white tuxedo girl, and there was no choice for that
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what color arent my cats
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LOL Val! I checked them all as well-
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LOL Val and MA, I hear ya! Well, I don't have any white cats (No Val that is not a hint LOL!), but all the others are covered!

Sunshine: red and white tabby
Coal: grey
Lilith: tortie
Jules: red tabby
Blondie: buff tabby
Polly: grey
Pan: brown tabby
Max: dilute tortie
Silver: grey tabby
Sasha: seal point
Romeo: black
Tillie: red tabby
Khepera: ruddy
Osiris: brown tabby

That covers a LOT!!!
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roxy's a tux so i just voted beautiful too
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I wasn't sure how to vote. I have an orange tabby with no white on him, and Tibby I guess is what would be called a colorpoint.
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Snouggie is a "muted" calico. Has the calico patches but all the colors are very pale. Silky Soft and Muffet are both torties, Fluffy, Purrball, Black Beauty, Pauzz, & Mischif are all black, the new 5 are also black with two having white masks, Honrydew is a ginger without any white, Patches & Baby Sleepy Kitty are true gingers (yellow & white), all the rest are grey/black tabby cats.

Now at 20!
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my cats are blotched tabbies.

"Blotched tabby: Also called "Classic tabby". A cat with a marbled coat pattern."
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I checked both black and white, since JC is a tuxedo cat. Maybe you should have added "tuxedo" or bicolor".
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I couldn't think of anymore. so I decieded that if i forgot any, you could vote beautiful i also thought that on many polls like this people don't have gray tabby with white, which is what Marie is.
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I have one blue (silver) and one ginger tabby. Neither of them on the list, so I didn't vote.
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I voted "Beautiful" for both of mine. Beau is a sable or brown. Felicia is a torbie. I could have voted mackerel tabby and tortishell
for Felicia.
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Patches is a calico
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I have 2 cats so I couldn't decide so I had to pic Beautiful. *Shrugs*.

Sphinx is a grey with white and Kuce is a calico Van pattern.
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I wasn't sure what to put...I have a brown and white tabby and a solid blue

But they sure are both beautiful!!
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I have 2 very beautifuk cats that are 99% all white
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I have dk brn tabby longhair, 3 black and white 2 girls 1 boy, 2 black 1 girl, 1 boy
1 bigole orange tabby boy
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Originally Posted by kittycate2
Anybody who wants to do this do this.
I NOW have a Black = Panther, Spotted grey/brown Tabby boy = Benji, a Siamese girl = Kotton and a long haired grey on top/white on bottom girl = Missy BUT ALL OF them are beautiful!

I DID have a Tortishell - Calico Tabby w/white = Minnie and a Courageous Mackerel Striped Tabby w/white = Minnie's daughter, Corkie, and of course the BiGGEST Kitty lover of all - Schatzi my GIANT SPoo!
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Black black black
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Brown tabby
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2 black and white
1 black mackerel tabby
1 tortie
1 sealpoint/caramel coat color
1 sealpoint/cream coat with blue-lynx tail
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I have a black and white, a calico tabby, a white and black and an orange tabby.
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A beautiful Grey and White Tabby.
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