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One cat is enough

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I do not think I could handle two(lol)
I was craving a Starbucks coffee, I was all set to leave and could not find my keys. I looked all over the house, under the sofa, in the sofa. I knew little spirit had taken them. I even looked in his litter box(lol)I was worried he had put them in the toilet as I have found his toys in there.
I finally sat down and thought if I were a cat where would I put them? I looked over at my end table, where I have a very large glass globe with a Betta fish inside, and saw something at the bottom of the globe. Sure enough it was my keys. This cat is a thief(lol).

When I came home he had gotten in the closet and into my Halloween decorations, well I did want to get them out soon anyway. The box was in shreds with paper all over the room, one small ceramic pumpkin was broken, guess he tried to carry it over the tile floor.

I am thinking about getting some kind of outdoor cat run for him, maybe he can get rid of some of this energy.
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Goodness! If mine were such trouble makers I could see only having 1 as well
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mine gets into my closet and climbs my dressy clothes.. not the old ones of course, he must be able to sniff out an expensive suit from 50 miles away.. He is mostly outside but you can tell when he's been in because every trash can is overturned..
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So far my kitties don't pull any shananigans but I'm not holding my breath! The worst is Peaches climbes up on my desk or the coffee table and clears it. Yep! She dumps everything on the floor! I guess that counts, huh?
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Oh at least I am not alone(lol)
I have never had a cat like this, he is non stop.

When I go somewhere I put him in the spare room with his litter box and toys, but today he some how got the closet door open.

I can only imagine what I would come home to if I left him loose with the full run of the house. A seven pound cat causes all this (lol)
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