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Post cystotomy behavior

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My poor little Oliver just had to have a cystotomy to remove stones from his bladder.  He had it on Sat June 30, 2012 and remained in the hospital until today July 2, 2012.  The vet said that he was peeing well at the vets office and his urine was coming out clear, not bloody.  When I brought him home he did a few "good and big" pees but the frequent trips to the litter box with little coming out started shortly thereafter.  At first the pee was minimal and bloody, but not its minimal and clear.  He also stayed under the couch for most of the day, until later at night.  Regardless, he's going to the litter box all the time!


Is this normal after having a cystotomy?  I know its normal for the urine to be tinged with blood for a few days after the surgery, but shouldnt he be peeing normal "big" pees by now? It's 2 days post op.  I feel so because he just went through this surgery and he is still living in the litter box!  I just want him to be better.


He is on buprenorphine for pain and his stones have been sent for analysis to see what kind they are.  since he blocked twice before this, vet says he may have to have a PU if the stones are calcium oxilate.  I

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Please ring your vet about this.  Sounds like he might have more problems.

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I know that after my surgery for a lodged stone (11mm), it took a while for my urination to get back to normal. I had to keep going into the bathroom and take a small leak.  I don't know if this is how it is for cats, but I would call the vet and ask about it. It never hurts to have professional advice.

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Thanks for the replies.  I did take Oliver back to the vet to have him checked.  He gave his badder a small squeeze and a good stream of urine did come out (although it was a little bloody), so it doesnt appear that he's blocked. The vet advised hes likely straining due to the irritation from the catheter and having a frequent urge to pee due to the sensitivity of the bladder because of the incision.  Nevertheless, I still have to keep a close eye on him. However, it's now 4 days post op and he is still peeing small amounts, sometimes there is blood in it and sometimes there isnt.


Ugh so worried!

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If you are worried, ring the vets. 

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Hi robvball,

I know it's been 3 yrs since u posted, but i could have just written the same post this week. I'm so curious as to what the outcome was w your kitty.

Did the vets ever figure this out?

How long did it take for him/her to get back to normal.

Did he ever cry after he urinated? That is the problem I am having with my 2 yr old orange boy.

He had stones as well (not sure what kind yet..6 weeks for results). He also had a cystotomy which is hard enough by itself, as you know.

He did the little pees and big pees for the first may be 5-7 days?? But the 4th day after surgery, he started crying afterwards and tried to lick hiself, but due to the E-collar he couldn't. Took him to vet like u did and the same thing. They pushed on his bladder, said it wasn't full (some came out) and it could just be residual inflammation. Gave him fluids.

His vocalizing was on and off, but it was the absolute worst today. He really howled in pain twice. I'm now afraid when he goes to the box...poor guy.But, I am also very afraid for my condo that he may acquire a litter box aversion and decide it hurts when he goes there and pick a new spot on my carpet or coach. Ugh.

Surgeon nor vets don't seem to know why. I sure hope this isn't stricture of his urethra. He's on Prasozin to alleviate any urethral spasms. If that's what it is, it isn't helping. Even when I give him Buprenex, he still cries. His culture did come back w a staphylococcus bacteria so he's on Clavamox,too.

PLEASE up date if u see this email. I'd so appreciate it! Thx!!

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