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Laser Pointers

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Do any of you play with your cats with a laser pointer? My husband brought one home the other day and my cats go nuts over this thing. As soon as you pick it up all of them come running. It is a good thing for them to chase. It seems to give them a good work out. They run all over the place trying to catch it. It is really funny.
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No I never have but that's a really good idea!!:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
I found this little light-up ball from Wal-Mart and Chloe invented a game where at night while we are trying to fall asleep she will bring it in the bathroom & put it in between the door and the wall. She will kick it back and forth from the other side of the door. I guess the door is like a track for it. Not only is the game noisy, the ball is flashing like a strobe light! These cats are so cute the way they are amused. I'll have to try the laser!:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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Should your cat make the wrong move and move into the laser with her face, you could blind her or him. We always just turn off the lights and take a small magna-lite and play that way. The cats are so funny when the light hits the ceiling as they whip their heads back and forth watching it.
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I know about being careful with the laser. I have asked my husband about the safty of this new game. He is very careful but I will tell him about the flash light.
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Even the laser pointer I saw for sale in the Dr. Fostersmith catalogue cautioned about not shining it directly in the eyes.
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Even though Laser pointers seem fun, I agree with Hissy... try a flashlight. There is just too much evidence that a lazer beam could hurt my merlin (or any cat's) eyes. better safe than sorry.
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We have been using lasers for at least two years now with all of our cats and have had no problem - we are careful and the cats love it. Sometimes we have ten cats all chasing the little light. We actually sell them and raffle them off at our fundraisers - my deaf munchkin Star loves it the best because she has a fascination with light - her eye sense is so much better than the other cats, it is a delight to watch. Always use caution with the laser, but it is different than a flashlight - many of my cats that love the laser will not even consider chasing a flashlight (except Star who would chase a sunbeam).
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My two cats are soooooo funny when it comes to a flash light or even the reflection of the sun on my watch.....Bagpuss will soon tire of the game because she can never get it. Jake on the other hand will throw himself at the wall, fall off the bed chase around like a lunatic, until he is panting......it really really makes me laugh :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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