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Need Board Magic

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Tomorrow they are going to start re-siding my house and Max will be so frightened. I am going to put him in my bedroom with food, water and litter box. He would hide there anyway, but I know he is going to be so frightened. I wish I could be home with him, but it is just not possible. I have to make the money to pay back the loan my Dad is giving me. If you think of Max can you say a little prayer or send him calm wishes.
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(((((((calming vibes for Max)))))))
I know you've gotten lots of good ideas in a previous thread for helping him through this time - here's hoping they work for him & he stays calm & happy through all the noise
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Will do

Mittens was very scared this past weekend when Tropical Storm Grace came through...but he is fine now! He is so lovey dovey!
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Awwww...sending board magic your way. Hey, do you have a TV in the bedroom? If so, maybe you could turn on the Animal Planet or something...or play some calm music in the room while all of the construction is going on.

When we re-floored my entire house, (that lasted 2 weeks) I put the boys in my bedroom and they were fine...I just popped in once in a while to check on them—most of the time they were sleeping and I had the TV on the Nickelodeon, LOL!

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Good idea Kim. I do have a TV in my bedroom - also a stereo with CD that I could play over and over. I never thought of that. Thank you!
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Sending calming cat vibes your way! We will have to do the same to our house next year. I'm not looking forward to it!

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Calming energies on the way!
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Many calming vibes on their way to Max.

Good luck with the re-decorating BTW! and I like everyones ideas of TV playing or a CD

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Originally posted by Nora
Good idea Kim. I do have a TV in my bedroom - also a stereo with CD that I could play over and over. I never thought of that. Thank you!

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I sure will be praying for your cat
Classical music is often calming to cats
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I had my house re-sided a few years ago and turned on the TV or stereo pretty loud to drown out the noise and calm the kids. Our kids are used to the stereo turned up loud.

Good vibes for your kitties!
post #12 of 18 did you baby do?
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I'm a little late with my calming vibes to your kitty, but I'm sending them nonetheless. How'd it go?
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They decided to put it off a day and so they will begin today. I have everything set with music playing, so it will maybe drown out the sound of the hammering. Please keep Max in your thoughts. I will be able to be home tomorrow when they are working, so I can see what effect it has on him. Wouldn't you know, he was extra cute this morning, not knowing what is in store for him today.
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max will be fine..pls dun worry nora... hey little max, dun be frightened, we'll be here to send u vibes to calm u down...
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I sometimes play classical music from the radio for Tibby, she sleeps in my computer room and sometimes she just isnt ready to settle down at night when I put her in here to sleep for the night. I also leave the TV on for her sometimes too, I leave it on CNN headline news, cause they are always talking.
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Well, I now realize that this is going to be a long project. Max was OK, but he ran into the bedroom from time to time on Saturday. My brother-in-law John is doing the work on his days off. My sister had Friday off and said that Max would come to the living room picture window from time to time to check them out. I put him in the bedroom, but he has learned to open the door by himself. He didn't seem to traumatized, but they have not started on the house yet, just the attached garage. Maybe Max will get used to the noise. Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts in prayers. It seemed to work!
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Sounds like Max should do fine. I hope he stays ok when they start on the house. Maybe put some cat nip out ofr him.
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