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Simba on 'Automatic Purr'

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Does anyone else have a cat on 'automatic purr'? Simba is 5 months old, and for as long as we have had him the MOMENT a human gets near him or picks him up -- he starts purring like a DEISEL TRUCK!

The hilarious thing is that he is so 'active' he rarely likes to be held -- he always has to be going, going, going. So even as he is struggling to jump from you arms he is PURRING PURRING PURRING.

It is so funny!

He is so different from Kitty, who is quiet and reserved! Kitty has a tiny purr that he doesn't use often, and a soft meow. Simba is very vocal and loud! When investigating a new situation Simba will charge right in and Kitty will proceed slowly and cautiously.

I guess I thought the same thing when I was having my second child -- I was amazed at how totally different the second was from the first!
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Cute! His motor's running!

Mine will purr when you look at them, as though they're anticipating the pets coming their way.
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how cute

when you pet roxy he'll do this weird half purr half meow thing, but whenever he's in the house he purrs almost constantly, even when no one's around. Sometimes he'll be hiding and all you have to do is just listen for the purr and there he is He barely ever meows tho, except for food and then it is this really high pitched ear drum piercing screech..
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Hey, I have one of those. I almost renamed Kjartan DD (Detroit Diesel). He is always purring unless he is out cold, even when he is zoom zoom (doppler effect).
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My cat purrs even when he is eating, I do not know how he does this.
His purr is very loud and his body vibrates, It has a calming effect when I am sitting in bed reading.
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hmmm...no need for that vibrating bed then!

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Awwww How Cute! Nah my persians arn't the best purring machines!
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Toes was like that until he started having seizures and he lost his purr for about a year. It's back now, but not as strong and not as often (and I MISS it!). Oh, and him purring and having seizures is not related, it's just that the seizures affected his purring.

Tailer purrs rarely so it is a real treat when she does.

Toes was the only cat I'd ever had that purred so loud you could hear him in another room, though. Loved that!
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Ginger my Persian is a purring machine too and Joseph my Selkirk Rex cat does the same thing
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