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Kitty bedtime?

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I'd be really grateful for some help and advice??....
I'm getting a new cat at the weekend and i've got a few questions,

*We're having a house check this week by someone from the cattery to see if our home is ok for us to adopt the cat me and by boyfriend have chosen, I'm really worried they'll say no coz we have quite a few wires and stuff running through the house from the tv and pc and stuff....but surely everyone has that?

*She's gonna be a house cat for a while before we move coz we live near a really busy road, the problem is that at night we set an alarm which covers most of the rooms in the house but not all, my boyfriend insists that we set it coz he has some pretty valuable stuff.... I'd rather we didn't so then she can freely wonder where ever she wants... but as we are gonna set it, does anyone know whether she'll be ok shut in one room over night? she'll have plenty of toys,scratch posts etc.. does anyone know how likely it is that she'll get into a night time routine and be ok?

She's not a kitten by the way... she's already two.

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If your motion sensors have pet immunity, you will be OK. If they don't you will have to keep your kitty out of the rooms that have the motions that are armed at night.

I work for a security company.
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There's only really two rooms she'll be able to stay in... our bedroom or a spare bedroom... all the others are alarmd...! We can't really not alarm the house. How much would it cost to get sensors the cat won't set off, i didn't know it was posible, is it easy to do?
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They would have to switch out the motions. You should give your alarm company a call and ask them about it. It could be possible that the motions already have pet immunity. They should be able to give you a quote.

I think you should be able to train your kitty for night time. I allow Max run of the house, but he sleeps with me through the night. If he has all that he needs in the spare bedroom or yours - it should be OK. If he were to stay in your bedroom - do you have a master bathroom that you could put the litter box in? I would not want a litter box in my bedroom. As for the spare bedroom, he might do a lot a crying, until he got used to it.

I guess this is a question for Hissy, Lori or Val.
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Originally posted by Nora
If your motion sensors have pet immunity, you will be OK. If they don't you will have to keep your kitty out of the rooms that have the motions that are armed at night.

I work for a security company.
You can this day and age update the sensors for ones that are animal freindly, however, over here in the UK these are used when you have the likes of a dog that will not go over a certain height. make life easier on yourself - change the motion detectors for shock sensors on window frames - that way if someone tried to enter you house through a window - they have to break the glass, this action causes a shockwave and in turn sets the alarm off.
In the 12 years I was a fire and burglar alarm engineer, this was the best choice - PIR's are great if you dont have pets - however if you do - change to shocks anyday.

In respect of the cables and the pc etc - if you have any tie wraps , bundle the cables together and use the ties that you can buy - you just bend these round the cables and then thread through and cut. As a slighly different alternative and assuming that the cables are close together and ties not availbale - wrap sellotape round lengths - that keeps em neat.
Finally, if you find that your little monster does like to eat cables, get a length of hose pipe, cut it then all the way down the middle, place cables in and sellotape these together - protection is great.
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Before your "inspector" arrives (though I admit to being surprised to inspect a home for a 2 year old cat). But at any rate, lay down on the floor on your stomach and look around. What do you see? Cords dangling? You can go to Radio Shack and get flexi-tube that you can easily wrap around cords to stop busy teeth. But again, you are getting an older cat (good for you by the way!) and so if you provide toys and a nice high cat post, and scratching post you should be fine. But you want to look carefully around you and plug any holes she might hide in or get trapped under, behind the stove, the :censor::censor::censor::censor: and the heater. You want to put up all chemicals out of reach, take inventory of your house plants and make sure you don't have any toxic ones. You can go to www.meowhoo.com and check out the Health category then the Poison section for some pretty comprehensive websites to help you there.

If you can't get to radio shack, you can just group the cords together on a section of flat board, tape them down (make sure the wood is fairly clean or the tape won't stick) and then flip the board over to keep the cat away.

Make sure your screens aren't going to be easily pushed out by the weight of the cat against it. That is about all I can think of for now. Would love to see pictures once your cat arrives.
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since I am not permitted pets where I live right now (and roxy kinda showed up at my door out of nowhere) I had no choice but to let him live outside. However I can't allow him to roam at nights for my own sanity so from the beginning I have been putting him into a detached garage/storage shed that isn't used anymore. I set him up with a bed and a window perch along with scratching posts and toys, and made sure he has a litter box and food/water at all times. Its a bit bigger than a room though, probably about the size of a small mobile home. He has gotten the routine down for the most part although now and then I have to bribe him to go in. So I think you can train them for night, but if there was anyway to let him in I would and when I move I am definately finding a cat friendly place. But since I'm assuming you'd be in the bedroom with her it would be easier on her than what I had to do to roxy.. I feel so bad leaving him alone but I would feel worse if something happened to him..
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Thanx for all the advice.... I really hope the inspector that comes round to check the house for kitty dangers doesn't find any, i'd be so gutted if thay said we couldn't adopt her! It should be fine tho.... we've got a nice house and she'll have her own little play room to mess with as much as she wants... The only thing that worries me is the loose wires, but i'll take the advice people have given and tie them away (some how!). They can't not let us have her now!!!! we're looking forward to getting her soooooooooo much, she's so cute...we've named her, and although she's not here yet we've totally fallen for her....
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You may want to get child locks for lower cabinets too. One of my cats can open any cabinet.
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