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New Kitty

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At last!!!
I have finally persuaded bf to let me get a bengal!!!
I have been thinking of getting one for the past year, but what with the persians i have been wary. But after a lot of research, i've decided i do have the time, space, love and money for a Bengal.
So i'm kitty searching tonight!!
Very excited, i've found a breeder locally, who shows and has well known cats, she has some younger kittens, so i may put a deposit today!

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Wow lucky!!!! Congrats!
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That is way cool! Congratulations! I wouldn't mind having a bengal myself! Lucky you!
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Are you sure you want a Bengal(lol)
Did you read my post on one cat is enough?
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Congrats on getting a Bengal!!
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Check your local shelters first and see if any of them have a Bengal you could adopt. It would be less expensive and you would be helping save a kitty.
Congrats on your decision of getting a Bengal! They are awesome! Make sure you get a big cat tree, they just love climbing
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congrats!!! make sure u take many pictures to show us!!
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nighteyes i have read it
yep am still wanting bengal.... i like the mischevious side of them.... lol the most i gat out of my cats is the odd meow!!!!

I went last night to the breeders and saw some 2 week old bengals, all apparently were show quality....meaning extra money
am still thinking of looking around.
these kittens were six hundred pounds each.....which in dollars is alot of money
think i'll look around some more
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lol nighteyes, i just red your cat post again, he sounds like such a character!!!!
I really can't wait! They sound almost dog like!!!

Care to share any other little snippets of this little guys behaviour of him or any other bengal?

I already have a 6 foot cat tree, at the moment though only one of my persians will attempt to climb it, and he'll only dare go half way up!! Guess the tree will finally get some use!!
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Jasmine, as Coco said, before you buy a kitten from a breeder, please check out your local shelters and bengal rescue organisations. I can understand that you might prefer a kitten but you may just be lucky enough to pick up a young or young-ish bengal from a shelter.
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Bengals stay in "kittenhood" until they are two years old.

Here is the link to the video of our Bengal Sasha:
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In a word they are different. Yes its like having a puppy. I am sure your cat tree will get use(lol).

Mine is fearless, when the vacuum is on he does not run but chases it.
I am learning to put anything shiny out of reach, I cannot leave a drawer open even for a minute.

He loves water, so bath time is easy.

They are smart, aware of there surroundings inquisitive, and have fur that feels like silk, and glitters in the sunlight.

Life is a adventure to them.

I have owned a lot of cats but this one is unique.

If you have doors with a handle, instead of a knob they learn to jump up and open them.

Good luck in finding just the right kitten or cat.
Sometimes breeders will have retired show cats for adoption.
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I just bought a Bengal kitten a couple of weeks ago. For some reason he doesn't like water. He was scared of the bathtub water. He is super playful, though, and fearless. I have two big Siamese cats, one of which tends to bully other animals. This kitten took one look at Shane, arched his back, and told him not to mess with him. Now, my new Bengal and Shane are best friends.
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It takes a while for bengals to get used to water. Mine loves to stand in the sink when I brush my teeth! But he does not like the little plastic swimming pool we filled for him-LOL!
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