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Remeber that time?

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The cats fan heather went green caught on fire and blew up in my face, well tonight I had another frightning experience- I went to plug in my Hair straightner and noticed I could see some wires, that's odd I thought but still plugged it in and yup the wires blew up and suddenley my hands got hot! So I quickly scrambled to the plugs and unplugged it and then chucked the machine out- Damn that cost me a few $$ ..lol

Gawd I'm lucky I'm still here posting... Guess I should be more careful next time.

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OMG I just noticed I spelt Remember wrong what a dork!

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Geez mate, I'm just so glad YOU'RE OK!! Do you have a safety switch?
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Ohh man, I am glad you didn't electricute yourself.....Glad you are alright Sam! No more of that now!
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Glad you're OK, and chucked that sucker out! We wanted fried SPAM, NOT fried Sam Better to err on cautious side whenever wires are involved.

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Sam, how long have you had the hair straightener?? If it's fairly new, I would write/call the company that manufacturers that product and put in a complaint. Most likely they will send you a new one or at least some discount coupons to buy another.
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Hello- I don't have a safety switch-

Kass about 8 months ish?? It was only a cheap one so no loss really, Mum was planning on getting me a better one next week anway.

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get the Chi lol!! Or that new wet/dry one.. krembs or something? It's supposed to be the best but is like $400 us.. The Chi is awesome tho.. Do you use that Biosilk silk therapy stuff?? It works so well
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sorry--got all excited and forgot to say I'm happy you're ok!!
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LOL Anna! Thanks.

Heerrm what's the chi?
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Oh maybe they don't have it there?? It's a ceramic flat iron, it's really easy to work with and produces great results. It sells for around $90-$120 us here.. I heard about it from this girly girl cosmetic/hair board somewhere on the net, and though I don't exactly consider myself too girly, this thing is awesome.. Here's a link to one on ebay just so you can see what is it

the CHI
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