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Do people think you are crazy?

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I know this has probably come up..... I think I've seen it, but oh well. Do people, whether it be friends or family, think you are crazy for having multiple cats in your home? We have 5, and I swear we are stopping here!!!!! I was on the phone earlier and told my dad to check out Scooter's page. He asked who Scooter was, and I told him. He asked how many are we going to have!! But, my dad and mom like cats, but prefer dogs over cats. IMO, I think my dad/mom think of a cat, as an animal who roams the streets (feral cats) and aren't like a dog. Which I disagree. Also, when it comes to breeds, whether it be Bengals, Siamese, etc. they don't look at them that way....it is just a cat to them But, I don't.... I look at it this way: they are a part of me and my husband, and are here to stay! They are are kids for now! :tounge2:
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Yes, people do think I'm crazy for having 7 cats. But I don't care. They keep me off the streets, out of the bars and out of trouble. They keep my blood pressure low and love me unconditionally no matter what kind of mood I'm in. If the people who think I'm crazy don't like it, it's their problem not mine.
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Yes people think I'm rediculous!! Before I got my 2nd cat, my mom said,"Oh you're not gonna turn into onee of those eccentric cat ladies with 30 cats are you?" I said "I don't know I might!!" My parents hated cats till my cats came to stay with them. They were"dog people" as they so kindly butter it up. Well they fell in love calling them their "grandkittens". My fiance hated cats till he met me. Now he babytalks them. He used to believe that animals were supposed to be outside. Now he believes they are part of the family. 3 living examples that once you get to know them, they are truly loveable creatures!
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My mom and dad also think I am crazy. I have 3 cats and tommrow it will be 4. I love my babies and don't care what they say.
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My father always believed that I would wind up an old woman with 80 cats in her house. Fortunately I've kept it down to 7 although everytime I see another one, I instantly want it. I just love them sooooooooooooo much!!!!!

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Heh, that's what I keep telling Sandie...

Remember that commercial where that lady runs out of real milk for the cats and so she mixes up powder milk..... definately Sandie....

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Oh Donna, I know what you mean! I have 13 cats....I had 14 till Peaches got hit. people including my husband, think I am crazy for having so many cats....but I feel like if I have room for them, and they need me, then bring them on!!!!!
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Indeed they do. My best friend is the only person I know that loves animals as much as I do, but she has only one dog- so far. However, it seems that my family and friends have accepted that I'm a crazy person, and leave me to my eccentricities (sp?). Before this last cat (arriving on Tuesday!!!), each time I told my mom about a new addition, she'd have a fit and get angry at me (don't ask me why, I'm 22 and living on my own, so it's not really her affair), but this time she was just quiet. The next day she told me that she really tried to keep her mouth shut and not offend me by speaking her mind, because she knows it won't make any difference, and because I'm a grown woman who is perfectly capable of making her own decisions, and because she figured there are worse things I could be doing than getting yet another pet. See, they learn!

My sister and brother just told me that they're convinced now I'm nuts, and then went on about how cute the kitten sounded like. It's funny, though, everyone in my family do love the animals I have, but they just don't want any, or more than one, themselves, and think me weird for wanting more. It's the friends I have that give me a sideways glance when they think I'm not looking... In a friendly manner, of course.
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When I got my first cat - Harry, people thought I was nuts picking a stray cat up off the streets. Basically I was working and at least once a week my job took me to the same area and every time I went there there was this lovely black and white cat. He would jump in my car and curl up and sleep while I went for my meeting I would always bring him treats, as I knew he was being fed by a watchman in a near by building. One day it was tipping down with rain and I felt real bad for him he looked like a drowned rat so with the watchmans consent I decided to take him home. When he died I was devestated and thought no more, that is it.

On my way to work a few months later I heard a pityful cry of a kitten and I went in search for this noise and I found a kitten in a plastic bag in a dumpster, what could I do but look after her and call her my own. I then a few days later found another one which I took in as a play mate.

I live in a 2 bedroom flat - not too big but big enough for the 3 of us. But I keep getting phone calls from my vet and rescue organsiations who keep getting stay cats and asking me to take them in. my friends keep advising me 2 are plenty. I have made a deal with these people - both of mine are Persian. If they have a Persian then fine, as I think the stray street cats here would be a little rough on my too, they are both indoor cats and would be terrified of a big street cat.

I am probably goin to turn out to be the old woman every village/town has - a big house all alone with about 100 cats, but I love them so much, they are so loving and caring and greatful for the small things in life like a cuddle and a kiss and a pet in the middle of the night or a special treat.

If people think I am mad then so be it - at least I will be a mad loved person
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People definately think I am nuts! When people ask me how many cat I have and I respond 16 they say "Why" and I say "Why Not!" I love my babies. My husband and I have no human babies so I have my furry babies. I also have three dogs!. I love all animals and if it were up to me I would have many, many more cats. Don't tell my husband but I am going to get another Ragdoll. I have many rescued cats but I absolutely love Ragdolls. (I do have a 10 year old rescued Ragdoll). I just got a kitten Niqui and as soon as the breeder gets another one he is mine!

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Well to be perfectly honest, I admire anyone who decides not to have children in this day and age and opens their home to pets without homes. Don't get me wrong, I love kids. It's just the world is so screwed up & not having kids makes it easy to devote time to a bunch of cats-or dogs. :girly2:
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My husband and I have no 2 legged critters, just four legged ones (except I keep adopting Sandie and Ken's little girl). My husband's family thinks I'm nut (not real animal lovers but would never hurt one) and my family thinks I'm normal (as my mom says, I have a smaller zoo than she does). Hubby something thinks I'm crazy but realizes this is who I am and if you can't love my animals as much as you love me, then you can leave. Can't wait to see his face when he meets Sugar for the first time when I bring her home in September. He'll just sigh and then fall in love. BTW, if people can't accept me for who I am, then they are not worth it to be my friend. Hey Donna, the cats might keep you out of the bars when you're home but not when you're at a cat show with all of us. For the rest of you, when we are at dinner or before or after dinner we all gather at the hotel bar or somebody's room for a few glasses of wine. We are not alocholics but love to gab and that's the best place I know of. My husband says it's my social weekend and he knows I look forward to my shows.

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Yeah Frannie, you're right. We really are party animals when we're together. But it SO much fun!!!

I miss you, you crazy woman!!

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Amanda....you are an for rescuing those cats, like you did!!!
And Michele, and Frannie, I also have no children, so I think that I make up for it by having so many pets....I get my unconditional love from them! And I know what you mean Michele...I have 13 cats, used to be 14, and when I tell people how many cats I have...I get this wide eyed look, like...geesh, why on earth for? Are you nuts???

Well, I don't care...I love them.
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They look at you like you have three eyes or something Believe me if I could I would rescue many, many more. I love my animals with all my heart and wouldn't trade the life I have with them for anything!

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I just got my second, little Chester. My other baby (Socki) is 7 months. All of my three sisters have cats in our family. Michele 16, Elisa 4 or 5, Celeste 2, and me 2, also my Mom and Dad have 2 thanks to us girls. I would love to have more, but I live in a condo and with the dog and 3 birds besides the 2 kitty's, they would probably throw me out if I had more. But yes people think we are all crazy for having more than one. Like Michele always says Cats are like potatoe chips, you can't just have one.

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I have definitely become certifiable. Why you ask?? I went to Connecticut K-9 this Saturday for my Pet of the Week column to do a story on a death row doggie. In a cage was a tiny, 6 week old tiger kitten, scared and shaking. After I took pictures of the dog, as I was leaving, I took the kitten in my arms and my heart melted. Now I know Rene and your sister as well as Sandie are probably going to rip me a good one, but I couldn't very well let that poor little baby stay there all by himself surrounded by older kittens that had upper respiratory infections right next to him. His immune system wouldn't have protected him. So, he's been to the vet, got his first distemper shot and given a clean bill of health (no earmites or fleas). He goes back to the vet in 3 weeks to be tested for feline leukemia and feline aids. In the meantime, he's in my back bedroom isolated from my 7 other cats with toys, music, food and kittybox. I named him Tigger after my Dad's cat who went to the Bridge last October. If I find a home for him, which I am trying to do, that's okay. If I don't that's okay too. If I had left him there he would have died.
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I know you and I had a long talk in NJ about your limit of cats. I for one though would have done the same thing as you. I would not be able to walk out of there without that kitten. I do believe you did the right thing. If it is meant to be that you find a home for him then so be it. If he is meant to be yours you went sent to the pound at that time for a reason. You have to do what you feel is right. That kitten did not belong at that pound, actually no cat does but that is another story. You have my support and I will do whatever I can to help you find a home for him if that is what you decide.

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That was a wonderful thing you did saving that baby cat! Stray cats are my weakness. My boy Romeo was just a baby who did not have a litter or mother around. He was screaming in the parking lot. I took him in. It was such a rewarding feeling. Now I look at him and although he is precious to me, he is not a very pretty cat. I really don't think he would've gotten a home. And he's the funniest little thing. Always talking!
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Well, we only have 2+1 cats (1 is our outside semi feral Romeo) and a dog. We don't have the room or money to add more pets right now. I am always picking up strays and finding homes for them and that can be very expensive as they often need veterinary care. My family definitely thinks I'm nuts for picking up dirty starving animals from the streets. People are convinced that all these animals are sick with something that can pass on to humans! That's nonsense of course, but still they look at me like I have the three eyes whenever I walk in with a flea infested thin creature... The worst was when I found the injured chicken and took her to the vet... They still laugh about that one...

Still, it's worth it! I have found good homes to more than 20 cats and dogs and the satisfaction is immense. Hubby sometimes whines about the expenses but he never says no. I know that he's also touched when we find a good home.
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Donna! it made me so happy to hear that you took that poor little kitten home!!! Tigger is so lucky that such a kindhearted person was there! I think you did the right thing too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are an
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I only have 2 cats, but the fact that I treat them as if they were human babies, talk to them, spoil the daylights out of them, everyone thinks I'm nuts.

Mom called and told me to tell her grandkitties that grandma loves them too! lol. Gues it runs in the family! LOL.
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Just found this thread and decided to bring it back after a long hiatus

I've been feeling lately like everyone but my BF and my Cat Site friends must think I am out of my mind for having 13 cats. Not only that, but wanting to rescue more! We don't have children, but the cats are our kids. I like my cats better than I like a lot of people!

This past weekend, I had an exchange with an ignorant woman, I guess that was what set my nerves off on this.

Me: Oh, those are beautiful, but I couldn't buy them, my cats would find them and play with them and love them and end up destroying them (I was looking at beaded hair sticks).

Woman: How many cats do you have?

Me: (sheepishly) 13

Woman: 13 cats!? Why on earth do you have 13 cats?

Me: Well, it started when we adopted a cat from the SPCA and found out three weeks later she was pregnant..we couldn't find good homes for the kittens, and we kept them all...

Woman: You should have brought them to the shelter. 13 cats! You're crazy. (Gives me dirty look)

No, I didn't buy anything from her. I would never have given her my money. Instead, I stopped on the way home and bought the kitties some treats
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Yeah -- i was told by my some friends who are none cat-lovers that i am "nuts over cats".

Teehee... i am sure they love me the same. :

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My mother keeps asking me when I am going to "get rid of" some of my cats. She is not an animal lover. This has been a bone of contention between us, I told her they are my kids and I wasn't parting with any of them. I told her I was glad I was an only child, otherwise she might have had to "get rid of" some kids if there were too many
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We have 2 kitties, and my mom thinks I am crazy for having them..In the beginning, Rocky was having problems with pooping on the floor, and I was getting aggrivated about it and complained alot too...well,all he was trying to tell me was he liked a certain kind of litter..I had changed a couple times, and he was letting me know what he thought about it....Even since we got Fluffy, he hasn't done it...anyway, my point it is, she just doesn't understand why I wanted another one after all my complaining...ohh well, she will never understand...both Rocky and Fluff and like family..they are a part of the family here..not just a house cat, we love them and include them with as much as they will let us. I was looking at kitty condos on ebay the other day and my mom said, I was wasting my money on stuff like that....she just doesn't understand....
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How is spending money that will enrich a life a waste?

I am so glad that The Cat Site exists. I have met so many wonderful friends online here, and received so much information and support. I love you guys!!!
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I know..that is what I thought when she said that...I am like...well, my kitties will like them and they like what they have right now too....I usually just bite my toungue now a days with my mother since it gets me nowhere to argue with her about it...she is getting old, and grouchy, so she has to complain about everything I do....I will spoil my cats if I want to and noone can stop me!!!
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One good thing about having this many cats is that my mom refuses to visit me now. She is convinced my house "Must stink to high heaven" of cats. I have explained that we are very fastidious about the boxes (they get scooped twice daily and changed weekly, and there are now 9 of them) and if there is ever an accident, we clean it right away and treat it with Nature's Miracle...but she has made up her mind and won't be convinced otherwise.

That's fine with me, because every time she has visited before, she has found something wrong about the way I keep house. I know I am not the world's greatest housekeeper by a long stetch. But did she come to visit my house, or me?
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Sue, LOL!!!!!

They ALL think we're crazy... but they've all thought we were crazy since we decided to live in an RV... But now to have four cats in here with us? To have taken out the "dining room" and put in cat furniture? We must really be insane!

...and since all the trapping of last summer, the Vets now have everyone calling Gary "The Cat Man of Blairstown," LOL!
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