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very sad news about my little kittens

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well guys i had been haveing week that started last week well all of autumns kittens died and piper died tuesday morning i was take to the
vet but didn't a chance since piper tuesday before i even got the chance tp tske her ask my vet if i could have save the kittens he
no since it died so fast and that autumn is real sick and gave to her
kittens since autumn stray cat and oreo has to it some diease that
stray cats get and it to late autumn i ask about her get spayed
he say she wouldn't make through surgey and might die which he
that autmn is dieing so is oreo he wants me to give him autumn and
oreo so he can take care of them until they died and wants me to wait
three whole months before another cat let me tell my known me since
i was little and me to watch autumn and oreo died ....what i want
to know what kill my little kittens fast i didn't even have chance
to save them or get to vet what kind diesase that kill six weeks old
kittens need and thought the kittens had parvo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
p.s hey guys here promsie when get my new kittens in three months
they never be outside sorry for people eeho on these let their cats
outside is just i am not going to have my new kittens outside if
i do will be there with but heard that if keep a indoor cat they
live longer
so now my sweet little kitten cross rainbow bridge
may they sleep with god soon he will have autumn and oreo
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Oh my god, how tragic! Sending you a big hug.
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Sorry for your loss....may they RIP.
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Sorry for your kittens passing away.

R.I.P little souls and many hugs to you.

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May they play forever under the warming sun of the Summerlands. I'm sorry about your loss hun.
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I am so sorry for your huge loss. There are several diseases that can compromise a kitten's health, especially if their immune system in low as these were undoubtedly by the mom passing the disease to her babies.

I would take your vet up on his kind offer to spare you any more heartache then you have already suffered. Personally, I would wait longer than three months to bring another cat to your home, just to be safe.

Again I am sorry for your devastating loss, may your heart heal over time, and with your other two cats under capable professional hands, may their last days also be easier for them.
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so sorry.
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Oh, how terrible! I am so sorry for your loss.
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I am very sorry for your loss.
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My heart is going out to you (((( HUGS )))) May your Babies rest in peace
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