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Kitty Crazed Mode!!!

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As I type this, Nakita is in one of her kitty crazed modes. She is flying through the house and taking her mouse for hide and seek games. This girl is crazy!! Nakita always has one of these episodes right before we go to bed and right when we get up in the morning.

Do your cats have daily kitty crazy modes? If so, what time of the day do they do this and what do they do?

Ha! Now she hiding under Rob's pants, kicking the heck out of her toy mouse!

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Oh yes,
I wish it was once a day(lol) with my kitty it is more when is he not in that mode. I do love the sound of his paws on the hardwood floors though, sounds like a small horse going through the house.
He loves to get in clean clothes while they are in the basket, and roll around.
Oh they are fun aren't they.
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Snowball always gets these. Sometimes he gets them right before we go to bed, and other times it's either early in the morning, or right after I get home from work. He gets this wild look in his eyes and his ears go out to the sides. Then he takes off running and jumping onto the highest objects he can find. When Snowball's companion, Midnight was alive, they would both go crazy at the same time and would tear around the house chasing each other. We used to have so much fun watching them!
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Of ours, Fawn is the most likely to have what we refer to as "skitties". First thing in the morning and last thing at night are her times. It's generally racing madly around the house, often includes literally bouncing off the wall at the back end of the hall on the 180-degree turn to return to the front, there to take the front stairs in a single flying leap to the landing at the front door, turn on a dime, jump up onto the railing and project her best "Aren't I cute??" look at whichever human has been suckered into watching the performance. GAAAAAAAAAASP! I'm out of breath just writing about it!

Cindy and Suzy do indulge from time to time, but seldom solo performances like Fawn's.
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
As I type this, Nakita is in one of her kitty crazed modes. She is flying through the house and taking her mouse for hide and seek games. This girl is crazy!! Nakita always has one of these episodes right before we go to bed and right when we get up in the morning.
Omg that is Zoey exactly LOL!!! Always when I'm getting ready for bed she goes insane tearing through the house yeowling
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Zoe and Nelson get the super-nite time crazies - huge pupils and they tear around the house - sometimes they are so crazy that they run right into things that should hurt but they don't seem to notice.

I also love the crazy leap into the air for no apparent reason trick!!

They get this fierce look in their eyes - like they are determined to play and then it is 'game on'

Nelson kinda has the crazee look in the pic below...
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There is a space between our kitchen cupboards and the ceiling, and I don't allow cats on top of the cupboards. One time I saw Snowball starting to jump to the top of the cupboards while he was in crazy mode. I said "Snowball, no!!!!" and he actually bounced off the cupboards, turned in mid-air, came back down to the floor and took off running again just as fast as he could!

moo, if Nelson is the grey cat, then yes he does look like he's about to go crazy!
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My kittys have kitty spin outs and spasms! Holly is "nuts" in the fact she will chase imaginary bugs and stuff!

Most of the time they chase each other though!

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Peedoodle and Kahu are crazy every day, they run and run all around the apartment like theres no tomorrow. Kahu does this more often than Peedoodle does, he is hilarious!
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Ms. Lethargic Ashley only gets these episodes about once every month or so. She's very lazy and sleeps most of the time. :p
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ah, yes. Kitty crazies. Elmo ('Mo) is very good at those. It seems to be mostly at night, before we head off to bed. He'll give this little "mrow?", get a look like something bit him in the behind, and he's off. down the hall, ricochet off the furnace grill, back up the hall, kitchen, dining room. Stop. Wheel around, thunder downstairs. From downstairs, he'll call loudly, like he got lost on the way, then back upstairs he comes. And if poor Kermitte gets in his way (or to a lesser degree Dixie, our dog), she's fair game as far as he's concerned. Kermitte gets crazies sometimes too, but they're much less explosive. Mostly she'll go up above the cupboards over the fridge, and go nuts trying to paw an imaginary bug off the walls. Then she'll get the same "something bit my tail" look and charge around that little space for a few minutes (it's a wonder she hasn't fallen off and hurt herself yet!)

I love my kids! Never a dull moment!
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She sounds so funny!! Yes both Rock and Fluff do this in the mornings, and again in the evenings around 11:00 before we fall asleep....It is soo funny to watch I tell ya....those 2 are quite a site!!
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that sounds like roxy--but about once every 2 hours. He of course needs to rest in between..
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