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New Food

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I continue to feed Jake dry Iams and Eukanuba. I have started to feed him a teaspoon of different brands of canned food. I started out with Wiskas(he loves the stuff!) Also Nine Lives, Fancy Feast, Kal Kan, and Friskies. Also Sheba. He loves them all. I like Wiskas the most because it has alot of gravy. I feed the wet food every night and live the dry food all day long. I also been giving him Wisker Lickin' cat treats and he loves them. Am I doing right in giving Jake a variety of canned food and not stick to the same one?
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I'd get bored too if I had to eat the same stuff day in and day out. Like humans, cats like variety as well. It's perfectly okay to feed Jake a variety of canned cat foods. And a teaspoon is perfect (at least that's my opinion) I used to give my cats a teaspoon each of canned food as a treat in the morning and again at night with free feeding of the kibble all day long. Cats like to snack. I don't give my cats too many treats though. If anything, I'll give them catnip maybe once a month.
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I too think it's good to offer a variety of flavors, especially at a young age, so that the cat won't become fixated with just one type of food. I usually give my cats more than a spoonful, simply because I like to give it as fresh as possible and with only two cats it will spoil at the rate of a spoonful a day. I give each 1/4 of a can and another the next day. We open a can about 1-2 a week.
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I think variety on the wet food is good too. I have heard though, that you should ease into it when you switch types of food and mix 3/4 of the daily portion of old food w/ 1/4 of the new kind, and gradually increase. I think that goes for the dry food, assuming that's the majority of the food.
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my poor babies! last week I switched them from IAMS to Euka...(can't remember how it's spelled) and when the IAMS was gone I gave them the other stuff without mixing. my girls are so good, they never complain.
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I recently found at the store, the Wiskas that come in pouches. You open them and put them in a bowl. The meat is in chunks with gravy or sauce on them. I introduced them to Jake and he went nuts over them. He knows what the pouch is so everytime, I get a pouch out and he sees it, he comes flying to my feet. Stands on his hind feet, trying to get at the food. He meows and begs until I set the bowl down and the food lasts about five to ten minutes. Same goes for the ones that come in cans. I started to feed him half of the can of Wiskas and the food would be gone in about five minutes. I like to give him chicken, turkey, and beef in gravy. I also gave him the seafood variety. The boy loves anything I give him. Have any of you tried the Wiskas in a Pouch?
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I forgot to mention that Jake does eat mostly dry food. And while I continue to feed him Iams and Eukanuba, I will try and feed him canned and wet foods too. He seems to like them both. There seems to be only a few foods on the market that are good for kittens. Iams and Wiskas. I think after he is a year old that I can feed him other stuff such as Nine Lives, Fancy Feast, Frisky, Kal Kan, and Sheba. Does anybody know other foods that are okay for kittens?
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Hi Nena - Glad to see you again. I feed my babies (6 weeks old) Science Diet Growth canned. I admit I started this food simply because it was cheaper for the large can than most others. And everyone seems to love it. I didn't know that Whiskas was ok for kittens.
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I buy my cats the wiskas in a pouch too! For wet food, that and fancy feast are the only kinds they will eat-picky picky!! My big cat will stick his paws into the cracks of the kitchen cabinets and go inside them, and he has chewed through the pouches to lick up the sauce, so now i have to be careful where I keep them. My cats are funny though-my big cat Oreo only licks up the gravy from those wiskas, and then my kitten Piglet eats the meat chunks.
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Before I buy the food, I usually make sure and see if its okay for kittens. The pouch says its okay. Anyway, Jake's main diet is his dry kibble. I give him half of the can of food in the morning. Once I ran out of his eukanuba and I bought some dry Wiskas. I looked at the back of the bag and it says for kittens up to a year. Does that mean is for kittens too? There is not much on the market for canned kitten food. Just Iams, Science Diet, Wiskas, and Fancy Feast.
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