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Ewww, was this a worm?

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Well I know it was a worm of some sort, but am not sure if its from my cats or what. The other possibility is that it came in with a big bag full of acorns that my daughter was playing with. She got all excited about the "caterpillar" she found sort of near the acorns. The worm was small, maybe 1/4 or 1/6 of an inch long, white with just a brown spot for a head. It was sort of rigged, and moved like crazy. It was really gross looking. I immediately threw it out and searched the area, then vaccumed just in case. Im so grossed out Maybe it was just a worm from the acorns? I have no idea what cat worms look like. The rest of their fecal matter in the litter box looked fine to me. The only slight change is that one of them has just a small touch of the runs. On a scale from 1-10 on 10 being water-stools, and 1 being normal, I would say a 3 or 4. Does that mean worms?
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I would take in a stool sample just to be on the safe side. Loose stool is dangerous as it can dehydrate your kitty.

The "worm" you described, sounds like a maggot or catapiller. Cat worms don't have a "head" to speak of.
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and it's pretty unlikely that a kitty worm would mange to crawl out of the kitty litter without getting the moisture sucked out of it... it's probably from the acorns... as far as i know too, parasite worms don't have any heads and, aren't usually that big... they're usually quite thin, thinner than an earth worm anyway...
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Whenever I have had to describe wormns to a vet or someone I have always said that they resemble angle hair pasta. I don't know what the tape worms looke like though. But my guess is your worm came frm the acorns.
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Thanks... I'm never eating angel hair pasta again....
blech... what an image!
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The only worms you will USUALLY see are tape worms and they are usually black flat string looking things. Unless they vomit them up then it will be a white color. ewwwwwww I have had my experience.
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