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Cat Scratching Up Carpet--HELP!!!

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Are there any good ways to stop a cat from scratching carpeting? Our kitten is scratching up the carpet by our bedroom doorway; she's attempting to get "free"; we keep her locked up to keep her separated from our adult male while we're gone at work. We won't get our pet deposit back if she does anymore damage. And, no, she's not ready to be left out all day with our male, as he still gets overly rough with her during play. A baby gate is *not* an option, either.

Thank you,

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Can you get a throw rug that will fit under the door? The rug will block the damage to the carpet. A thin sturdy rug like for in front of a fire place? I think Target carries them.
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Yeah the rug will work, I used it in our bathroom because abby kept trying to tear up the carpet.

Just make sure that you fasten it down to the floor somehow because she will drag it out during the course of the day.
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Here's a link

Scratching Issues
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We had the same problem with our boys. They are not allowed to sleep in the bedroom with us at night - hubby has allergies and doesnt want to wake up with a kitty on his head. Besides, the night crazys wake us up. Anyway, Elwood would go nuts trying to claw his way into the bedroom to be with me (awwwww...), thus wrecking the carpet. What we did was to put a wide, metal saddle over the threshhold and they haven't dug there since!

Now the problem is getting them to stop wrecking my couch..... (note: I got some great advice on it in my thread titled "At my wits end" and the suggestions are really working!)
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It was suggested that we put down a rug over the spot, but you can't have *any* width of a rug under that door; it just won't fit.

Today, the kitten did the most damage ever; we can't hide it, and I fear we've already lost our $200 pet deposit.

Tonight, we had the bedroom door closed with the kitten out with us (and our adult cat), and she started clawing under the door to get *into* the room! Oy.

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Once you get the behavior under control, you can get a carpet layer to come out and cut carpet out of your closet and use it to replace the damaged piece in the doorway. Your landlord will never know!
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in my experience you lost that pet deposit the minute you brought Simon in the door. They will find a way to not only keep your full deposits, but charge you more when you move out. Maybe if you are renting from an individual and not a company, it may be different. I hope so, for your sake.
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