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my cat had kittens, and we didn't know where because she is an outdoor cat, she has kittens and we find them a few days later. well, we figured she had them in an old camper down by the barn where they live. my dad blocked up the hole so no other animals could get in (while i was away for the weekend) so i go down there to find them, and there is ONE by himself, making the most scary sound i have ever heard. he sounded like a hoarse duck. the mama cat wouldn't recognize him, but she would let him nurse, but then she would just up and leave him crying and not care. she won't come take care of him, and i have no clue how to care for him. someone help me out here...!!
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Are the kittens eyes open? Does it have teeth? Have you tried giving it canned food? More info please.
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his eyes are mostly open, and he seems strong enough, maybe a little skinny, but he sounds terrible. i bought some kitten formula and fed him with an eyedropper and he loved it. he has no teethh, but he has the eating thing down (tried to eat my fingers where i spilt the formula) i think he is going to be okay, especially if i can find the rest of the litter and put him with them. the mother cat has nursed since i posted last and has not been with the squeaky one. (i call him squirt) i think squirts gonna be okay, i just want to do what's best for him. does anyone know why he sounds so funny? its a really freaky sound. like a hoarse duck, only higher pitched.
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oh and i just found him a few hours ago, around 7 this evening (tuesday)
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All kittens make their own unique sound. This could be the sound s/he makes. Has the mom cat had all her shots? She may have passed worms on to the babies as well.You might want to take Squirt and Mom to the vet for a check up. Make sure Mom cat gets some kitten food as well to boost her milk production. I'm sure she will lead the other kittens out soon. She may put squirt back with the others while you are asleep if she gets the chance.
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I would take this little one to the house and get him warm. He needs to be in a small enclosed area free of drafts. With your dad blocking the hole, he may have scared the mom cat off, she may have moved the kittens that were healthier leaving the less healthy one behind. If you don't have a pet heating pad, you can use plastic coke bottles (empty) just fill them up with hot water, wrap them in a towel and put them in the box to keep him warm. Mom cat is probably not going to care for him and without your help he could really be in dire straights. He needs to be fed frequently every two hours and stimulated on his bum to help him pee and poop. It is not an easy task to take on, but you are his only hope. Outdoor cats do not have the same characteristics as breed cats or house cats. This little one needs you to intervene and quickly. The reality of this is it may even be to late.
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This kitten needs attention. He needs to be fed like Hissy said every 2 hours with kitten formula- I don't the mother will accept him back- Has she nursed him recently? Where's the mother cat and kittens now?

They really need to be kept warm - Young kittens die in the cold really easily.

Good Luck & Keep us Posted.

Prayers for Squirt & The rest of the family.

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Okay a few more questions.

Do you care for the mother cat? If so is it possible that after the kittens can look after themselves better that you can get her spayed? To prevent more kittens.

Can you touch the mother? Is she friendly?
Is it possible to take the family to a vet for a check to make sure they are healthy?

Sorry just extremely paranoid.
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it is warm weather here, (think hot actually) and we had him in a box with towel in the garage, the mother cat came and took him back in the middle of the night and is taking care of him. we have raised the mama cat from when she was a kitten and we are going to get her fixed soon. thanks for your help and if i need to know anything else i will ask. i am really glad she re-accepted him. oh and he appears to be the only kitten she has now.
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Oh That's good news the mother accepted him again- Good Luck with Squirt!

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