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Deafness caused by Teeth Cleaning

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Has anyone had any experience with a cat who came back from a teeth cleaning being rendered deaf.


Our feral cat had terrrible teeth and a constant drouling problem.  We had her teeth worked on.  She lost several in the process and a few were pulled.  That was good and she does not droul anymore.  However she is now deaf and wasn't before.  Has anyone had any experience with this problem and is there any chance she will regain her hearing?



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I think your question will get more answers in the Health forum.


I am asking a mod to move.  I do hope you wont mind it.


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Good luck!

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How old is she?

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How many teeth were pulled?

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Eights old, according to the vet.

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Three teeth were extracted, two fell out on their own while being cleaned - all four K-9's are intact.

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I do know of at least one cat that this happened to, and I believe she went blind also at the same time.  Terrible things sometimes happen with anesthesia.  Did the Vet say her hearing can come back.  I think sometimes it's temporary...possibly 5 - 6 weeks.  I know it's that way with the blindness. 


vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.giffor this one, particularly since she's a feral.  I would think this would be more difficult for a feral.  So sorry this has happened.

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Anesthesia is dangerous in old cats. My last vet said Patricia (16) is too old for dental work. But I have no idea how it causes deafness of all problems.

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She did have something called Horner's Syndrome which is a problem with the eye caused, I think, by damage to a nerve that services the eye.  Cats usually get better in 4-6 weeks and that did forutnately happen with our cat.  We did read an article by a Cornell Vet who stated that hearing loss after teeth cleaning usually is caused by the handling of the cat's head/neck during the procedure and it usually is permanent.  But that is only one article.  We are still hoping for improvement because deaf cats vocalize more and her vocalization is getting on our nerves and waking us up at night.



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Eight years old.

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Google "deafness after teeth cleaning" and you will find articles about how general anesthesia for dental work causes deafness in cats and dogs.

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The anesthesia causes this too happen.  My cat had to have teeth pulled he was 19 and he lost his hearing from the event which was sad because he was trained to come when we called his nameand he always meowed when we called him.  I understand the situation with older cats but our dumb vet did not tell us about the risk.  She did not like our cat Pierre because he was very feisty.  Needless to say, our current cats do not provide her office with any visits and no $$$$$$$.

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm taking my cat Scooter to the Vet Thursday for his 1st cleaning. He's 9 and he's the best cat I've ever had. I'd be devastated it he lost his hearing, but the vet told me at his last checkup that his teeth really need a good cleaning. Worried...

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It's unusual for something like this to happen.  They should take a blood test before they start his dental (make sure they do), then they'll be aware of any issues he may have, and should be monitoring them closely (if he has any).  I always worry's only  natural :alright:.   But having bad teeth isn't a good option either as it can lead to worse things.   There is no reason to think he won't be just fine.  :vibes::vibes::vibes:

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