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zoey is going to be one famous little kitty!
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Info on Honeysuckle

For those that want to read more about honeysuckle and cats, this is another honeysuckle toy maker whose products I like.
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hmmm...might have to try some! Great pictures!
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Thank you Pat & Alix for posting that site
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
Thank you Pat & Alix for posting that site
You're welcome!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
LOL That should be a Caption This picture, I was thinking, "Kemo Sabe, 5 men on horses approach very fast from the East."
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As usual Zoey makes me laugh at her animated poses!!! Must be more fun when you see her in person!!!
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Did anyone else get their honeysuckle toys and did your cats like them?
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Hi Sicy and everyone else

I have a very sad story to tell about my pillow (I haven’t been at work for a week as I have been writing my thesis ARGH, hence the delay in telling the story).

I went to the mailbox last Thursday and was so excited to see a package for me from Canada!!

To my dismay Australian Quarantine had opened my envelope and confiscated the cat pillow!!!!

They put in a letter (addressed to Nelson and Zoe, which gave me a giggle – quarantine writing to my cats) saying that they had seized the pillow and I had three options
1/ Pay $50 for them to irradiate the pillow…
2/ Pay $50 for them to mail it back to who it came from
3/ Do nothing and they will destroy it.

As I don’t really think it is worth paying $50 for a $2 pillow I am afraid that I will have to let them destroy it.

The cats had a good sniff of the envelope though and it seemed to interest them.

I am really disappointed…

Sicy, thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for organising it and what a bugger eh???

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Oh my god you have to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would they confiscate a :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: catnip toy pillow!!???
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I know - how stoopid are they???

It didn't even cross my mind that this might happen - otherwise I wouldn't have aked you to send one.

Silly Australian government...

As mentioned above though THANKS for the effort I really appreciate it!!
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Did they even say why? I'm sorry

One time I had to send my mom her thyroid perscription when she was visiting oz, and it was crucial she get it by a certain time and the stupid australian customs stopped it!! I was so mad.. I called everyone and told them all off They finally got them to her but a couple days late!
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That really bites for both of you!!! What the f!!!! Call them and just blow their minds with some jargons! I can't believe that. Sicy that worries me because we need to send medicine to a relative in Oz for her Hepatitis C. Now I'm wondering if they would stop it and delay it
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Send it early. I wouldnt be surprised.
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I told the lady what happened and this was her response:

This steams me. I've mailed my honeysuckle to Japan, England, Germany and I don't remember where else right now. Never a problem, but, often the honeysuckle bags get to the buyer (usually to the U.S.) with a note from the post office appoligizing for destroying the package (they put everything in a plastic bag). I really believe it is post office cats. This is the first time (and hopefully the last) I ever heard this. I really wonder if again it wasn't a (illegal?) post office/warehouse cat getting to the package and the post office trying to cover it up. I will send only one skinny bag and see if it can get there once more. I will not let the post office defeat me (...well, maybe after this attempt, I will).
I'll e-mail you back if I've lost the address.
Thanks for all this information and your friend's e-mail.
Patty Donselaar

LOL@ post office cats! I just think Aus customs are straight paranoid They probly thought it was pot
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
jenn that's a shame that catnip makes spike angry, hmm wonder why? anyone have any theories??
I just saw this now, sorry for my lack in replying.

And I wish I knew why it made him so ticked off... I had a little catnipped cow I let him play with. He seemed really ticked off at the cow... swatting it, jumping back, then jumping at it again, going in for the kill. He's a fiesty little guy, he loves to beat up his stuffed toys, but he had a whole different attitude to the catnipped cow. I'm also unsure if I like the idea of 'drugging' them, even if it is safe. (No, it's not just you thinking it, I *AM* a bit weird. )

Oh, and Sicy, thanks for the link of the just honeysuckle toys. I'll have to look into how it affects kitties, if it's mind-altering, etc. or not.
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Hi guys, I'm a little late in reading this thread...

"honeysuckle wood sawdust" This sounds like it would get through the lining and into cats mouths. Anybody have this problem?
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Psst. wanna buy some honeysuckle?

Zoey - you pusher you! LOL! It certainly seems like a big hit!
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Originally posted by Tamme
Hi guys, I'm a little late in reading this thread...

"honeysuckle wood sawdust" This sounds like it would get through the lining and into cats mouths. Anybody have this problem?
Hey Tamme,
Check out the link to honeysuckle information that I posted earlier in the thread. I believe it addresses this concern
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I haven't seen these Zoey pics until today. They are some of the cutest yet! She looks like she's being a ham for the cam, but really, she's just doing what kitties do. What a sweetie!
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oh no! I just had a few out of country orders for different things, I hope the post office doesn't mess up my packaging, I would be HIGHLY upset!!!!
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Thanks Hydroaxe!!

So far Zoey has not eaten anything from inside of these toys

Princess I'd be careful about sending things to OZ... if they're just collars n stuff though I really dont see how it would be a problem..
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