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The White Kitty

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She's a recent rescue - and in the hospital again . But she is SUCH a little angel! We've named her Mitzi, which is based on the hebrew for "miracle."

Hopefully she's having some surgery on her eye Thursday, which should help protect the cornea and help the inner eyelid heal. She MIGHT regain sight out of that eye!

But she's deaf, and she's fearless. She is soooooooooo sweet. She was here from Sunday morning (after a little over two weeks in the hospital) until this afternoon. We love her to bits!

(You can't see in this picture, but the poor little girl's right front leg was broken, and it didn't heal properly. She's also got lots of little scars all over her, and her ears were badly sunburned).
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Poor little girl has no depth perception! We laugh and cry at the same time when she lunges for a toy and misses it. Bittersweet, I think is the right word.
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She's just such a sweetie!
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Love that teeney cat!
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You know she is a cutie. When you do place her, you should make the stipulation that she be an inside only cat. I know you probably already covered that but with her white color, she is such an an easy candidate for sunburn which could mean melanoma down the road.
Bittersweet is a cute name for her- you could call her Bitters for short.
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Ohhh my goodness , that kittie breaks my heart . She is sooooo cute . I hope she will be ok
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she's beautiful! I'm secretly hoping everything will work out so you two can keep her! (okay, not so secretly )
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what a precious little princess!! It's horrible that in her young life she has been through so much. I hope she gets well soon and never has to be in pain again.. She's been through too much already But I know you would never let anything bad ever happen again if you can help it *sending get well mitzi vibes from anna and roxy in PA*
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Mitzi is a little baby.... It just breaks my heart reading what she went through at such a young kitty age... I know she will go to a good clean furrever home. She deserves that much. I thank You and Gary for rescuing her from further misery also.
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What a little sweetheart! I guess keeping her is out of the question? *nudge*
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Awwww....look at that angelic small bundle of fur! *sniff* I'm so glad you and Gary are looking after her.

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She's just a baby angel in a tuft of white fur! :angel2: She's very lucky that two bigger angels happened into her life.
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Oh I have just read about her story and now looking at her pics- she's beautiful!

Thanks so much for sharing Laurie!
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when an angel is about to light!
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I'm tearing up, just knowing what she went through and what the vet did to you. She's such a little sweetie. God, I wish I could get another one. I'd snap her up in a second.
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what a sweet baby angel... I am in love with this little girl!
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What angels you and Gary are for saving such a sweet fur baby. You can tell just how little she is from the pictures. Head bumps to the both of you.
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What a precious baby :

I just read the vet experience thread & feel so bad that she (and you, too!) went through all that.

I hope she's much better soon.
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I'm crying as I type this. She IS such an angel! Thank you all so, so much for your good thoughts for this wonderful baby!

Turns out she's not such a baby - the vet is now sure she is at least four months old.

Turns out she's got "parasitic pneumonia," basically an infestation of round worm so bad they're in her lungs. They're treating her with something that appears to be working - so much so, that she was able to have her eye surgery this morning.

We get to visit her tomorrow, and it looks like she's coming home with us Monday.

We want to keep her. We'll see how it goes here.
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Awwww that is so sweet of you to care for her, especially after her troubled past. I am sending prayers and keeping our paws crossed that she'll heal soon. She is a cutie pie!!!
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I hope she will be well and ok with her . My prayers are with her
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What a sweet little girl!!! Sending prayers to you both!
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She is just darling, and so are you and Gary for looking after. She is very lucky to have you. I hope she recovers quickly from all her problems.
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I pray all goes well with her surgery. I'm really glad you are thinking of keeping her, even though your space is so limited.
She is such a sweetie and needs someone who will take special care of her. She really deserves to be loved. However, if you cannot keep her I know you will find someone who would love her.
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