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Hey everyone. I'm Erin and I have dsh named Marie. I just love cats. Marie is 7 seven years old. I'm 28. I've had Marie since she was a kitten.
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Um...stupid question but what is DSH???

And welcome!
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Hi and Welcome , it is nice meeting you and your cat

Sylent Rayne , I think it means Domestic Short Hair
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Oh duh! I swear, this heat is frying my brain cells. :p
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Welcome Erin and Marie! Hope you enjoy your time here.
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Welcome Erin & Marie!
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Welcome to the both of you!

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You're right it does mean domestic shorthair.
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HI, and welcome to the site, i think you will like it here, there is just so much to learn and talk about, the people here is really nice. so enjoy your self,looking forward to hearing more about you and Marie
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