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I am sorry for not being here for a week. I am not going to school until the 20th of this month. I go to the library to check my email which is once or twice a week so that I don't get my messages erased because my account is too large.
Jake is doing fine. He is an active, beautiful cat. I spent alot of time with him. I will be neutering him next week. He will also be getting his final shots(distemper and rabies). I will soon have my whole roll of pictures developed of him. I am also job searching and will be going to california for a whole week. I will be taking Jake with me. But I will keep in touch. I miss you guys. When I return to school, I will give full details of everything that is happening with us.
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Nena.... you have NOTHING to be sorry for!!!!!!!! I am more sorry that you felt you did have something to be sorry for!!!!!!

You have become a big part of my life...as I am sure others feel the same way....there may be times that for some reason, I may not be online all week....but I still know everyone will be here for me, as we are you!!We LOVE you!! You add so much love to this site!!!!!!!! I hope you can get onine as much as possible!!!!!!!
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Enjoy your time off school and have a safe and successfull trip to CA!
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