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name one reason why you love each of your cats

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Some people are going to have alot of typing, **sue**

Neo~He is a big cuddle bunny kitty that is always ready to snuggle

MoeMoe~ He does the funniest things that always crack me and rich up

Snowwhite~ She is a very good mommy and even raised babies that weren't hers.

Ashton~He has the cutest little face, always looks like he is up to something.

Nimby~ Is just to cute for words, He is so big and just a sweet heart.

stormy~ Is my pretty little princess, so girly!!

Blizzy~ She tries soooooooooooo hard to be a good kitty, She puts alot of effert into making us happy!

Marble~ He is so playful and funny

Granet~ Is sooooo pretty!

Sebastain~ has the funniest little meow and always "chills out" with rich when he gets home from work.

Trinity~ Is alittle sweet heart.

That is why I love my kitties
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Lazlo is so staunch and serious, but he always lets me know in his special way he loves me. He was our first inside rescue kitty, and he's always on patrol.

Sheldon is such a clown and such a sweetheart! He's always "the welcoming committee" for those who come through here but aren't staying forever. He's our alpha, and he doesn't lord it over any of the gang.

Spooky is our sweetie lap cat who is completely content and happy and constantly lets us know she's happy she's no longer outside and alone.

Tuxedo is Gary's baby boy who loves to be cuddled in Gary's arms like a baby and purrs all the time. He used to be such a nasty mean boy - but when he changed his mind about Gary, he did a complete 180!

Mitzi is heartbreakingly sweet and trusting. She brings us smiles just thinking about how brave she is. She brings us tears by reminding us how lucky we are in life.
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I only have 1 cat Wendy she is great the reason i lover her sooooooooo much is becouse she has a great personality she is like a person she yells at you and she lets you know when she is hungry and wants to play she is great i love her like she is my baby :lips: :angel4:
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I only have one cat also. Snowball loves to cuddle with people and it's such a nice way to spend time with him.
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Oh man! This means I have to remember all their names!

Ripley- because she is so tough. A survivor of hell, she has rebounded to become the leader of the cats here.

Stryker- for his solidness. His manx style ability to bulldoze his way into our lives. I would have never thought that he would be a lap cat, but he is our biggest one.

Cleo- Stryker's bro. Aloof and independent to others but he knows that Mike and I are near and he always returns home to see us.

Bailey- for his mischievous nature. He had withdrawn from us for awhile after his brother Bartee's death, but he is always the one who follows me when I do the feedings.

Karma- the kitty that just won't go away. We have tried to place her in four homes now, and she always ends up back with us.

Whisp- the odd one, can't pet her, but she loves to talk to me. Lays on the dryer when I am doing the wash and lets me know that this is her spot I am intruding on.

Squirrel- her special way of gathering the walnuts and bringing them inside, and then playing with them for hours. Forget expensive toys, her toys grow on trees!

Taz- the fetcher- at night when I roll apples into the pasture for the horses, there is Taz in the middle chasing the apples like a dog after a ball!

MacKenzie- Squirrel and Taz's mom, she remains the queen of the barns laying high in the loft peering down at us as we go about our business.

Kahuna- my mellow boy. Able to be ambassador of goodwill towards all the kittens that come here. Loves to sleep near me at night, the closer the better.

Noddy- the ringleader of the Trips, always busy getting into something. His poop flinging game still makes me laugh.

Winkin- she is the quiet one of the three.Loves to lay on a chest or two when we are on the couch.

Blinkin- Simply a delightful kitten. Easygoing and good natured until she gets with her sisters then they all turn from angels to demons!

Kabota- Shredder's brother. Gone back to his feral ways he has, but at night he still runs up to see me and wraps those big paws around my neck and nuzzles me as if to say Hi. I tried bringing him inside the other night, he would have nothing to do with us, and bit Mike while in captivity, so I released him to roam.

Cyclone- He is my ghost boy. Coming out only late at night to feed then retreating back under the house. I love that he trusts me even after his horrible experience being captured.

The mysterious 6- ask me in a few months when I have had more contact with them. One is pure white, one is a moo kitty, there is a solid black, a gray tabby, an orange and white boy and a tuxedo. I hope there are no more coming for awhile, these are keeping me busy.
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Shep - a little snuggle bunny, low maintenance, pops on your lap when she wants some loving.

Bogart - has slept on my hair everynight for the last 12 years. The kindest, most thoughtful, loving cat in our household. Makes all newcomers welcome to the house.

Stumpy - he is all personality - stubborn, firm, snuggly, mind of his own - with the most gentle touch (he reaches out with his paw and lightly caresses your face).

Tigger - too shy for anyone else but me - has given me and only me his unconditional love - I'm honored by this.

Eight-ball - my goof ball - he gets so excited when he "sits" in your lap that he can't sit still for a minute. Age is beginning to mellow him and he has actually fallen asleep there of late.

Bob Marley - my "busy cat" - he can't sit still for a minute and it is entertaining to watch how he often entertains himself with all of his energy. While very busy, he is very mellow about it (thus the name).

Pinky - he makes me laugh when he lays his 18 pounds of cat flesh sprawled out on his back in the hallway - he is as wide as he is long. He is very good welcoming newcomers to the house.

Ruby - gets all excited when I sing to him.

Scarlett - loves nothing better than to have you scratch her tummy as she sprawls out on her back - she can lay there for literally hours in that position purring "love me" mom. A total character, queen of the house, and knows it.

Muddy - his purring and snuggling bring smiles to me everytime he walks up to me. One snuggle from Muddy takes away the stress of the day - everyday. All he needs to do is put his little paws on my face and sniff my nose and I melt in my tracks.

Koko - this little lady-in-waiting has a mind of her own, everything is on her terms, has the most gentle touch of any of our cats, and this only at 5 months of age. I love her for her unigueness.

Dakota and Sage - have only had them for a few days so their personalities haven't come thru all the way (they are still adjusting to their new environment). Their playfulness is making me wonder if our house is cat-proof enough.

Minky - the head-buttinest cat I've ever met! I love her already, but know that ultimately she will have a tough time with all the other significant personalities in my household. Am fostering her until we can find her a forever home, where she can be the queen that she was meant to be!
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MA, it was so wonderful to "see the list" so to speak! It gets hard to keep track, sometimes.

Sue -
Minky - the head-buttinest cat I've ever met!
LOL! That's a great description for Tuxedo, too! And Tuxedo loves to headbutt us in the head when we lean down to pet him, or when he's in the cat tree, or when he hops up onto the bed
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Fred has been one of the few constant things in my life for the past 14 years, and he loves me unconditionally.
Pearl is a sweet, shy baby that has finally learned that we won't hurt her. It is such a good feeling every time she comes to petted or brushed.
Georgia is a small bundle of naughty cuteness.
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I only have one kitty at the moment..

Roxy likes to chase make believe things through the yard but only when he knows people are looking so they will laugh and call him a cutie..
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Ivo-She came off a hard life on the streets, but over time she's shown more love and affection. She now regularly sleeps with me (and allows me to snuggle with her and fall asleep holding her) and just last week sat in my lap for her loving. The fact that she allows me to do these things still fills me with awe.
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Toes takes care of me and everyone else in the household.

Tailer? She's so darned cute and extremely intelligent.
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Socks-For how grateful and faithful he is. He's my lil loverboy.

Fluffy-for keeping the cat he is yet adding in the cuddles and loves lately.
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Morgan, I love him because he is such a love. He cuddles, and talks like crazy. Hes always following me around and trying to get more attention, and is always ready for my lap. He also does this routine that I adore!! Every night I shut the house down so to speak, and go to my room to read. Hes right behind me and lays on my tummy for about 15-20 minutes for some rubbins and scritches, and then when Im ready for bed he goes off, or sometimes lays next to me Sorry, was that more than one reason?

Abby, I love her because she is subtly like Morgan. Shes the quieter and shyer of the 2, but she follows me and also likes to sleep on my bed with me. Shes a sweetheart with a tough attitude
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I'll give you six reasons why I Nakita!

N - Naturally Beautiful

A - Adorable addition to our household

K - Kitty crazy character

I - Irresistibly pettable

T - Talkative (Nakita has a vocal sound for every occasion)

A - Affectionate & Attentive
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Good thread Val!!

My "kid"

Patches- I love Patches because she is a very smart for a 6 year old... Even though she has a stubborn streak. She also is good with Tiger.

My "half-kid"

Tiger- I swear sometimes she is half cat half dog... She lets us know if someone is at the door. And she loves to play with Patches also. She likes to swat Patches with her paw too.
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Mozart - my fearless laid-back lovebug who purrs super-loud when I pet him to let me know he's doing well.

Ginza - my constant trotting companion who makes me feel so needed all the time.

Kayla - my little independent missy who loves her regular long cuddles where she pets her mommy all over her face too.
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Peppurr - He is a big, huge suck! He wakes me up with head bumps and drooly kisses! He is playful, smart, friendly and outgoing. Peppurr is my baby, I treat him like a human baby.

Zeus - Too cute for words! Zeus is one of the most crazy kittens I have ever been owned by! He is playful and VERY curious!

Majesty - What a great cat! She is so friendly and sweet. She always gives me an innocent look when I see her prey hanging from her mouth!
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Trent is my soulmate kitty. He's my little loverboy, loves giving kisses and snuggling. He's always happy to see Mommy is home. We just understand each other.

Ophelia is my Baby Doll. She's independent and so smart, but yet loves her Daddy ssssooooo much. She likes me too, but she won't tell anyone. She'll love on me when she thinks no one else is around. I love her sleeping with (on) me, because she feels secure enough to do it.
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Midnight: He is my very best friend, he's been with me through everything ! He always has a comforting paw on my cheek when I am sad. The other cats are my kids, Midnight is my Best Friend.

Sunshine: My little boy...He is so devoted to me, my little purr-man. He loves to get pet and purrs so loud with pure happiness.

Coal: The Coal Man! He gets so worried for me when I am upset, he will follow me through the house with a concerned look on his face and asking me if I am ok, until I sit down and pet him and ressure him that all is well, or will be soon.

Lilith: She is such a free spirit, such a wild creature yet such a devoted mother. Such a pretty girl. I feel honored when she comes to me looking for attention.

Jules: The most innocent and guileless creature I have ever met, always genuinely happy to see me and loves to get kisses on the forehead.

Blondie: My naughty little boy, my Dennis the Menace. Taught himself to fetch and then taught us how to play the game so it would be more fun.

Polly: Such a handsome guy, and so very silly! Loves to get "beatings" (get soft little smacks on the side and butt) and will go into writhing ecstasy when we pet him the way he likes it!

Pan: My little Panda girl, she doesn't make bread on us, she makes Pan-cakes. She loves to give kisses and is such a sweet girl.

Silver: Always looking for love, but on her own terms. So independent, but so sweet! She is a sweet girl and I love her so.

Max: My baby girl! She sleeps on my hip every night and wakes us up with a "Wow!" early in the AM, whether we wanted to get up at that time or not!

Sasha: Our big fur-man. Loves to be petted and held, and has the most gorgeous blue eyes.

Tillie: The Tillinator, it was so hard to win her trust and I am so glad that she decided to trust us. A head-bump from her or a little kitty kiss is an accomplishment indeed!

Khepera: My little man, my Aby boy! He loves to be petted and kissed, we have such silly love-fests! He sometimes sleeps next to me.

Romeo: Such a sweet, gentle and loving cat, such a big handsome guy! He loves to be pet and will stick out the tip of his tongue when he is happy.

Phoenix: Such a sweet little girl! She gives lots of kisses and loves to be held. She plays so nice with the baby (Osiris)!

Osiris: What is not to love about this little one pound ball of fluff and purrs?
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and most sensitive soul that ever inhabited a cat.

I love Lily for JUST the opposite. She is brash, obstinate, and turns into Satan when her "buttons" are pushed.

CATS!! ~ gotta love em !~
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Milo - He's so easygoing and will happily sit in your lap for hours. Also, he 'chatters' loudly when he's fast asleep - so cute!

Popcorn - She will bring you something, anything (a sponge, a toy mouse, a ball of wool) and meow and meow as if to say, "Look! Look what I brought you! Aren't I soooo clever?" I love her markings and floofy tail.

Coco - She's a bit skittish but if she lets you, you can pick her up, put her in your lap and THEN she realises what a good time she's having while I give her scritches all over - she just purrs and purrs and kneads.

Vegemite - She was one of my one-day-wonders (a name I give to kittens that come to me at between birth and two days old). I decided to keep her as she had pectus excavatum (funnel chest) and a heart mumour (both of which the vet can no longer detect LOL) She's very cute and her markings are almost exactly the same as Popcorn's. She's 7 months old now but still loves for you to throw her little toys so she can bring them straight back to you to throw again. If you ask her a question, she'll blink at you and answer with a 'mrrow'.
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I have only one furbaby, Maximillian - Max for short. I love Max because he is my little cuddler, companion, sleep partner, welcome home, please don't go baby.
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Mr. Underfoot because he is the snuggliest, most affectionate, most outgoing and trusting cat I've ever known. He even purrs at the vet. He loves to snuggle under the covers with me. When he wants attention & feels he's being ignored he'll take a flying leap right into my arms! I've had to drop the phone before to catch him - he just trusts that I always will.

Sylvestra because she is very sweet & loving yet goofy & silly too. She loves to snuggle under the covers with me. She will grab my hand and put it to her face for pets, and gets so happy when I pet her that she'll just fall over.

Felixia because she is such a sweet & silly petite little lap cat. She's only 6.5 lbs but gives head butts like she weighs 20 lbs, and purrs like a motorcycle. I love the way she does flips and somersaults through the air when playing - still does it regularly, even though I've had her for 12 years now - she must be at least 14-16 years old.

Oreo because he's so sweet and laid-back - nothing seems to faze him. When a new cat swats at him he just gives a "what is your problem?" look & walks away. He's a very sweet & loving lap cat too - he gets so happy when I pet him that he drools.

Tiger Lily because she has grown in trust over the years - when I first saw her 7 years ago she wouldn't let me w/in 10 feet of her. Now she comes to the door for pets & food and will sit on my lap, and even trusts me to put her in the carrier to go to the vet for her annual checkup & shots. Still won't come inside, though.
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Corkscrew He is such a silly boy, he always keeps me laughing with all the goofy things that he does

Tibby She is so sweet and loving, she is always willing to cuddle with me.
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Mittens~he acts like he is nursing the blanket I cuddle with when he comes to cheer me up after a long hard day at work
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Sterling-I love him because he lets me know when it is time to fill the food bowl. He is so smart! He loves to talk and "make a bed" on anything he can find that is soft.

Berkley-I love her because she is the sweetest kitty I have ever known. She is the ultimate love bug, she loves to be held and follows us wherever we are in the house. She even became Sasha's adopted mother when he was a tiny kitten.

Coco-I love her because she is an innocent kitty. She is shy at times but never gets into any trouble. She rarely comes to get pet during the day but sleeps on our bed every night. She is the best lizard hunter in all of Florida too.

Sasha-I love him because he is playful, beautiful, an excelent athlete and keeps us laughing. He is very loving when he is not bouncing off of the walls! He too sleeps on the bed, warming our toes at night.

Peaches-I love her because she is a brave kitty who lives on my front porch. She gathered the courage to make friends with us a few months age and we love her so much now. She is very affectionate and loves to be brushed!

I could go on and on! This would be good text to start those new cat pages for each of them!!!
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Ivan & Yuri, for coming along when I was having some personal issues,
and cheering me up, and for being perfect hosts when I have company.

Yuri, for being smart and conniving..
Ivan, for being sweet, and handsome, and for always wanting to rest his head on my shoulder..

Khan, for being so happy to see me whenever I come home, & not because he thinks I will feed him lol. He also likes to lay down next to me at night, and will hold me hand between his front paws.

Sasha, for being beautiful, and for how happy she is when she has a glitter ball to play with;

and Razpy, for touching my face with his paws when he is in a loveable mood, and for always talking, and for having more personality than the average 5 cats combined!
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his soft big belly
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*melts* Ashley is laying on the kitchen floor with all four paws high in the air, and snoring like nobody's business! I wish I had a camera right now!!

My reason for loving Ashley, well I have more than 1. She's been with me ever since I was 12 years old (I'm 23 now) and she has been through everything with me. She's been there when my family members have died, through my boyfriends, my husband leaving me, my now fiance. She is my soulmate through and through. She'll cry when I'm hurting, she'll snuggle when I'm lonely, she knows me better than anyone. I love my Ashley because she's the child I'll never have. *wipes a tear* such a wonderful thread, thank you.
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