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We are FURIOUS! (long)

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Everything happens for a reason. If we weren't waiting for a reference from our existing vets so we can post cats/kittens that need to be adopted on petfinder, I cannot imagine the hell that would have descended upon their practice today.

Gary and I rescued a little white kitten several weeks ago. Some couple dropped her off at our vets but were unwilling to take responsibility for her. She was picked up in a liquor store parking lot. She was so tiny, they thought she was just 3-4 weeks old initially, when it turns out she's 3-4 months old. But she had been attacked by something, probably a cat. She required several surgeries, stitches, etc. She needed to be tube fed. She was badly infected. Her eyes were glued shut. She required surgery on one eye. She was in real bad shape, and the vet was not sure she would make it. Her ears were badly sunburned. (When we first found her, I started a thread in behavior in case she was deaf (which it turns out she is). How to Raise a Deaf Kitty)

Well, she survived. But we've got our crew here, and we could not bring her into our home until there was no risk of infection to our four. We were first told we could bring her home last Wednesday. Then Friday. Then Sunday.

We picked her up Sunday and brought her home. I posted that a special needs kitty needs a home in S.O.S. (Special Needs Kitten Needs Home).

Bottom line - she's an angel and we love her. But our cats reacted very strangely to her presence here. They weren't mad, they weren't upset, and her being here didn't interrupt their behavior at all. She had a terrible sounding cough, and Gary became worried that there was something seriously wrong with her still. So we made an appointment with a new vet this morning, and we took her there this afternoon.

Well - she's riddled with parasites. There were live roundworms in her feces. It was so bad, the Vet called Gary in to look at the slide. He said in his 20+ years of practice, he'd never seen an infestation this bad.

Mind you - she had been given a dewormer. Twice. Forget what they gave her - the issue is, our existing vet did not even bother to do a fecal smear before they told us it was OK to bring her home.

We fought round worm for seven months. Many of you may not be familiar with the parasite that many ferals have, but it is pernicious. The cysts of eggs can be in a cat's bronchial tubes, so even when you "kill" the adult worms, the eggs can still gestate. Like I said, it was months of treatment to rid our home of this pest. Bleaching litter boxes, pilling the cats, cleaning the carpets - again and again and again and again and again.

When Gary saw that slide, he literally saw red. Like I said, my belief that everything happens for a reason was completely reinforced today. If we didn't need that reference from our vet, there would be no cooling off period happening here.


OK. So our vet allowed us to bring home a rescue that could now have potentially infected all of our cats with roundworm. AGAIN.

But our little angel's eye. With the new pics forum, I don't know if I'm supposed to post pics here or not, so I'll go post pics there. But she cannot see well out of one eye - it was so badly infected it's partially closed, like underdeveloped or something. And it appeared to still be infected Sunday night, so Labor Day Gary ran over to the vets AGAIN and picked up more medicine for her. (And he was really sick Saturday and sick all weekend). The vet performed some kind of surgery on her eye and thought she might recoup some eyesight in it.

Well - the inner eyelid was partially up, and Gary asked the vet what was wrong with it - to him, it looked like it was cut or something. After examining it, the new vet said that it is ulcerated and partially rolled back and certainly causing her pain. He recommended surgery to place a "lid" inbetween her eye and the inner eyelid to keep the moisture in her eye and protect the cornea from being scratched while the inner eyelid heals.

But he can't perform the surgery while her bronchial tubes are full of cysts of round worm eggs.

Anyway, she's back in the hospital. The new one. He's going to X-ray her on Thursday to see if her lungs/bronchial tubes are clear enough to give her the anesthetic she needs to have the eye surgery. If so, and her feces show no live pests, we can pick her up Friday morning.

But if we hadn't taken her to the vet and let this go, she could have died within a few weeks, the infestation of parasites was so bad.

How irresponsibe of our Vet was this? The worst of it all is that when we were there Friday, I said, "Oh God, I really want to bring her home now!" And with the Vet there, Gary said - no yelled - "Are you crazy? We have to think of our cats too! We cannot possibly think of bringing her home if there is ANY chance of her passing along any pest or infection to our cats!" And our vet allows us to bring her home with what another vet says is the worst infestation of round worm he's ever seen in his LONG career.

I know - I'm repeating myself.

I pray this little kitty makes it, and that at least she will be pain free in her bad eye. (Right now we're calling her Mitzi. If Gary remembered correctly, the word for Miracle in Hebrew is Mitziyah (spelling?). I hope she gets another miracle!)

I also pray that our gang of kids will avoid being cursed with another infestation of round worm!
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I would be HIGHLY mad!!!!!!!!!!!! That is kind of what happened with me and isadora but it wasn't my normal vet or even the same pratice. They are docs of a reason and they are supposed to know what to do! UGH!!! I hope your little angel kitty is okay. Seeing her just breaks my heart I can't beleave she is almost the same age as my white babies, she looks so tiny You guys are such angels!
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OMG , I cant belive that . I feel for you . Oh I would be so just like you are now . That poor baby . I sure will be praying for her and I also will pray that your cats will not catch the round worm from her and may you have peace in your heart
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I am so sorry, now I feel really bad for the email I sent you this morning in response to your questions about her. I thought the vet would have run a fecal on her! For gosh sakes, she is an outside kitty, it should have been the first test out of all of them! I have seen what happens to kitties that go unchecked for roundworms and it is not pretty! Thank God for you and Gary and your diligence about her.
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Originally posted by LDG
Everything happens for a reason.
When my vet failed to do the FeLV test on the feral kittens we brought in with a severe URI, even when we asked him to "test for all the bad diseases", they ultimately infected my adult vaccinated boy with FeLV. It has been a horrible lesson for us, as we lost the 2 kittens and have had to isolate Ruby permanently. In researching what to do about our situation, I found TCS, and a local no-kill humane organization that I have started volunteering at (the silver lining in my cloud). I am still furious with my vet (and myself for not being more specific with him), but hey, don't we depend on them to tell us what we should do sometimes? I kick myself but I want to kick him even harder!

I hope your permanent babies are OK and your rescue survives her ordeal. My friend in Denver who lived with a white deaf cat for 17 years is more than willing to talk about her experiences with Cumulus. She is now teaching her "hearing" boys sign language.
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Originally posted by hissy
I am so sorry, now I feel really bad for the email I sent you this morning in response to your questions about her. I thought the vet would have run a fecal on her! For gosh sakes, she is an outside kitty, it should have been the first test out of all of them! I have seen what happens to kitties that go unchecked for roundworms and it is not pretty! Thank God for you and Gary and your diligence about her.
you know what...I dont' think my vet tested trinty for worms I know he didn't worm her! ARGH!! Didn't think of it until now, looks like I will be going back to the vet AGAIN!
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MA, we would have absolutey expected this too. The only reason we went was because of Gary's "gut" - and we simply got lucky.


Sue - we are sooooo lucky that it's just worms!!!!!!

Who would ever think you need to walk into your vet with a checklist?

Did you test for AB and C?
Did you do a fecal?
Has the kitty been vaccinated?

Looks like that's what we'll be doing from now on. !!!!!!!!!!
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You know LDG , a vet should know he/she really should know and not you . The vet is the expert and not us
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I TOTALLY agree! But apparently you just can't trust them to be thorough! Competent, perhaps, but not thorough. ERGH!

Here's a link to her pics in the Fur Pics subforum:
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I guess the only good thing is that I am learning from that , not a good way to learn though .
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Laurie, I'm soooooooo sorry this happened to you and Gary I'll be hoping and praying that little mitzi bounces back.
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I feel so much for the two of you, all your cats, and Mitzi. How can anyone be so damned irresponsible when their profession is taking care of animals! What did they think? They could make more money off of you by giving you an infected kitten?
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OMG Laurie! I can't believe they didn't check her for that, and I can't believe they didn't check for that before doing surgery!

OK, actually I can, given my recent experience with human doctors. I know our Dr. is very good. She is awesome, really. But she didn't give us all the information that we needed to deal with Earl's pneumonia, which resulted in our going to the ER and an $1800 bill. Dana is a good doctor, but we didn't ask the right questions. And being a general practitioner, she didn't think of all the right information to give us at the time.

You would think that vets should know to do all of this, but for the most part they do deal with inside pampered pets. Not ferals/strays. So, unfortunately, is really is our responsibility to ensure that they test for everything, to bring in the list of what needs to be done on feral/stray kitties.

(PSST! Laurie, we need to include that in the Ferals article!)
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Wow, I'd be livid Laurie!!

Especially since this vet knows about your other cats that you have at home. Totally hoping Mitzi bounces back soon, and all this will be behind you and Gary! I just saw the pictures and it's heartbreaking knowing that she has to go through more surgeries. Hang in there!
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Oh Laurie! I'm so disgusted by your vet, I'm 13 years old yes but I think that's highly irrisponsible- I read your posts and every ones replies the best I could but I might have missed this- are you going to say some thing to your old vet??

I pray with all my heart that Mitzi makes it, she's one little angel and you and gary are too special people trying to give her a good life, I praise you for that.

Keep us updated, TCS BM coming your way!

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Oh and Laurie I should have added- your new vet sounds great!

Now I'm going to check out the Mitzi pictures!
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Heidi - normally, I'd agree with you. Most vets do deal with inside/pampered pets. But we live in a rural area, and they see a lot of feral/stray cats. There are at least five other people in the area that we know that care for feral colonies, one of them is a colony with FeLV problems. This vet practice sees them all.

We asked the vet to take an x-ray of Mitzi. We do this with ALL of our cats so there's something to compare to if there are ever any problems. An x-ray would have revealed the extent of the problem. Also, they knew she had parasites, they know we have a strain of round worm in this area that is VERY resistant, and it is incompetent, inexcusable, and unconscionable that they did not do a fecal smear before sending her home with us.

I forgot the name of the drug they are using to de-worm Mitzi, but it is working. Her feces is free of live pests at this point. But, she DOES have "parasitic pneumonia," a condition, I understand, where the round worm infestation is so bad that the live worms actually backed up her esophagus into her bronchial tubes. Had we not gotten her to the vet when we did, it was a matter of days before she would have "drowned."

They were able to perform the eye surgery this afternoon. Her eye is stitched shut so she can't paw at it and tear the fake inner eyelid stitched in there. They removed the ulcerated portion of her inner eyelid, and she should be pain free now. The eye has to remain stitched shut for a week.

Thank you so, so, so much for your good thoughts for this kitty! I know there are many rescues out there that have survived worse, but she is a little fighter/survivor nonetheless.

We are going to visit her tomorrow.

OH! More great news. Our vet had been, of course, instructed to give her her vaccinations. We weren't sure it had been done, so called today to find out.

They had not been given. If they had, she'd be home with us tomorrow. As it is, they now have to give her her first distemper shot today, they'll give her an antibiotic booster Saturday, and we can bring her home Monday.

Needless to say, our fury continues to boil.

But I'm glad our little angel is going to be OK.
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Laurie, I'm sorry I misunderstood. You're right, and you darn well should be livid! Especially knowing that you asked for services (hopefully you didn't pay for them!) that they didn't do. That is gross incompetence.

But I'm so glad that the little angel will be OK and that she's in good hands now.
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Heidi, if this were any other place, I would so agree with you. It's up to the feral caretakers to make sure the kitties are OK and get the attention they need. I didn't mention in my first posts that we'd instructed them to do this stuff, so you had no way of knowing.
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what can I say , thank goodness you got her in time to the vet . I looked again to the pics you posted on the other thread and I need to say that she is sooooo cute and she look like a to me . Thank you for saving her life
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Glad to hear Mitzi is going to be okay!

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Laurie, I'd be livid, too!!!! Is there anyway you can get a recommendation from the new vet, so you can have free reign to go tear your old vet a new a**h***?

In any case, I'm so sorry you and poor Mitzi have had to go through this!! Sending get well vibes from me and Luna!!!
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