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Need Some advice

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Back in Jan of 2001 I bought a VW Beetle, by mistake VW credit sent me the title. I have had the title since then. In august I got a letter from them saying they were missing my title and they wanted me to fill out paper work so they could get a new one. I called them and told them I had MY title. Well they keep calling and bugging me that they need my title because NJ doesn't hold titles. If they could make a mistake and send me my title (too my inlaws, whom I donot speak to, address to top it!) who is to say they aren't going to make some other kind of mistake. What would you do? What could they do to me? I have been paying the bills on time, and I want to keep MY title. There aren't enough hours in my day to screw around with all the paper work and making copies of drive ids and what not. I'm I being b*tchy or would you do the same thing?
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I don't know how this stuff works, sorry. I know that we had to purchase a new to us car earlier this year, and I'm pretty sure the credit company holds the title. We just have the registration.
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I think it is their mistake and their problem. Unless they threaten some legal action, I wouldn't worry about it.
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They are supposed to keep the title, but they screwed up and sent it to me. So I don't see why I should have to waste my time to fix there error. Normally I would just be nice and do what I was asked, but that doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere in life
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I knew a guy that bought a Harley, and the company gave him the title by mistake. It turned aout to be a clear title. He made payments until the warranty was up, then he stopped, and ther was nothing they could do.
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Really???? My title is clear. There name isn't on it anywhere... That must be why they want it so bad and you know what?? My warrenty justtt expired. I'll tell them to put that in the pipe and smoke it! I wanna keep my title
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If you stop sending your money they can/will go after YOUR credit rating! That is NOT a good thing! Just a thought. Kim
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From a legal standpoint, they can cause you problems.
It was a mistake, however the title still belongs to them for now.

Just because a mistake was made, you still have to pay for the car.
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Since I work for an automobile finance company, I think that I have a little insight here.

DO NOT stop making payments. You signed a contract and are legally obligated to pay for the car. Somebody did goof up, because New Jersey is not a title-holding state. The title should read "Volkswagen Credit" AND "Your Name".

They may be able to take legal action, to make you relinquish the title. Legally, until the car is paid off, it does belong to the finance company.
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i agree, the title is theirs as long as you owe on the car, but i understand your stand point, i get so darn tired of goofed up people making mistakes all the time, it seems like it is going on every time you get int o something like a hospital bill or insurance comp. or docs. offices fast food joints etc. so i totally understand
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I wan't planning to not paying for the car, but why should have to spend my time fixing there mistake?? I have a full time job, a full time business, 11 cats and a husband! I would be sooooooo embarshed is someone where ot see my house right now. I don't have time to run around getting photo's copies made for them. The last thing I need is some darn credit company breathing down my neck when I'm paying my bills!
I dont know, she is fedexing me the package tomorrow, So I figure I'll have rich call and talk to a supervisor or something. I know they own my car, but they are on my insurance policy, and they have a signed contract, they should be happy with that or give me something if they want me to work for them
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I'm sorry Val- I was going alright until you said 'title' I don't know what that means!

I hope everything is okay and it works out for you in the end.

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The title is theirs and I'd give it back before they make problems for you. It could end up costing much more time then making a few copies if they end up taking you to court. Even though the title looks free and clear, it likely isn't in reality and won't look like that to a court. Just to be safe, read your contract. It probably says something about them holding or owning the title. We all make mistakes and sometimes need assistance and/or cooperation to fix them.

If you have a scanner you can scan the documents they need and then print them out. That would save you time from going somewhere to copy them. On the other hand... it probably wouldn't take as much time to go copy them then it does to worry about it.
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What ever happened to the days of opps we made a mistake here is something for your troblem. I know they arent the same "department" so i haven't started on them about my airbag light that is on, 3 recalls, my WINDOWS getting stuck in the door. All I wanted was a nice car and I ended up with a car that is causing me more time then anything.
I think I have pms...or maybe I'm pregant or something because I am in ONE HELL of a mood!! normally I just do what ever anyone wants, but i'm tried of getting walked all over
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